Monday, July 23, 2012

Hola familia de mio,
Yes, I thought for a second to just email a short email because I have to admitt, i am a little jelous that you´re all in LJ, and i´m not. but it´s all good. Really, if you´re gonna be in a place, nowhere better than LJ, right??
This week was good! Seemed super fast and short because our p-day was last tuesday, but here i am again, starting the LAST week of this change. Honestly, where does time go? I can´t even believe it!!
We were able to teach Alejandra this week, her husband was at work, but honestly, she has the desire to know, full of preguntas, she didn´t come to church which was kinda a bummer, but this week I know she will. it´ll be SO good if she comes because she´ll feel something different. She told us that she wants her kids to have an understanding of God, but doesn´t really know how to go about teaching them...helllo, primary! ha! I just am praying that she´ll continue to progress, she is reading and had lots of question sobre oracion so that´s good. When people have questions, they have interest and that´s all we can ask for!
Camila and Millaray... haven´t seen them this week, everytime we have a cita, it falls through and they´re sick, the baby is sick, not home, algo asi, but it´s just keep working with them, might be a slower process, but hey, as long as they can accept it, it´s all good! I think because they had fechas and just didn´t show up to their baptism they have embarrasment/verguenza, but it´s ok! I just want them to understand and really feel the Spirit and the affect that it can have on their lives! Camila is 24(has a child) and Millaray is her younger sister that has 10 years!
Tania--- es nuevo! There is a familia en la barrio that is super great. active and all, they have 4 sons, and one of their sons has been menos activa for sometime... but he started coming to church and he brought his GF, tania, she´s been to church 4 times already and at first DID NOT TALK, seriously, it was like pulling teeth, but the past couple weeks shes been way more talkative to us, and she took our her nose ring, no body told her to, honestly, she just looks different than the first day i met her, but this past week we were able to teach her a little, and this week we have a FHE with her boyfriends family to teach her. I really think she is gonna accept, with time maybe p/q su familia es evangelica, but i can already see something different in her so it´s just time! I´m excited for her though!
This week we were walking in a street and there was this group of 4 girls 17 years old (Paige, KG, Q, and Me) ha! but anywho, I felt like we needed to talk to them, entonces, fuimos and we started talking to them, turns out, two are members, one menos activa and the other active, we asked if we could share something with them, and the active one was like... YES, PLEASE! so cute, so we shared with them. it was really cool because two of their friends are members and were able to talk openly about the church with us and them. Only one lives in our area, the menos activa, but we got the addresses to the other girls and the menos activa, Daphine, came to church! we have a cita to visit her and her mom viernes. yay!
Mom, I got the dear elder about Sam Kastigar, not sure if you got am email i sent, but she is the trainer of Hna. Ahlmann from the MTC in Argentina! Small world because Hna. Ahlmann and hna Riggs are besties and Sam Kastigar is training Hna Ahlmann. Crazy! So cool though Heather San Diego is serving as well. Happy for her! She´ll be great. I love that so many hermanas are serving! it´s so great. When we all get back we´ll have so much to talk about!
Hna Tamayo and her health are not that great. I just have to be patient with it though, I really think she has a parasite, but hopefully this week we´ll go to the doctor. She is still working, its not like we can´t leave the pension, but it´s effecting her strength to work, but she is trying to improve and honestly, our relationship is not being effected by it, so thats good. I really feel bad for her, sometimes she just feels like she´s going to vomit while walking in the street. no bueno. Is it bad I am kinda excited to go to the doctor, I just want to see how the doctors are here in Chile... ha! I´m sure it´s fine, just curious. pray for her though that she can feel better!
Robbie, mission advise... if you´re ever a district leader or anything with a leadership position and a Hermana calls and asks for a blessing, just do it! We called our DL on Saturday because she felt super mal en la mañana and he was like... well, i can, but call your bishop first and see, which is fine, but she would have felt more comfortable with him, and he only lives like 15 minutes away, not too far. it was just kinda weird. she ended up getting a blessing from a ward member, but would have liked it better with him. just advice for you. but obey the mission rules, maybe they have different ones. who knows!
we met some guy on the street this week, named Marco (we think) he was a little drunk, he is around our age and invited us to come to his Party that night and drink some Pisco Sours with him and his friends, we told him that we couldn´t and he goes... ¨para ser misioneras, ustedes son lindas!¨ (for being missionaries, you´re pretty) ha! So funny. WE have his address so maybe one day we´ll pass by and try to get him converted!
oh my word.... in RS, every week they do a music practice, to learn hymns that they don´t know. I think in Chile, they only know about 15 hymns in total because we´re ALWAYS singing the same ones.. and the ones that are SO long and slow. I don´t get it. but anywho, in RS they do this practice and the lady who is teaching is teaching the hymns wrong. I want so badly to be like... ¨perdon, puedo enseñar? But hna. Tamayo and I just laugh with eachother and accept it. mom and robs, i think of you often and think... they would DIE if they were here. it´s really bad.
My knee has been kinda weird these past few weeks, I keep thinking, ugh, not gonna say anything because it´ll go away. but i think maybe just cause it´s cold here. But it´s all good. my ACL isn´t torn, i can tell that. no worries, just kinda weird. occasionally it´ll swell up a bit, but i´m doing my exercises to help it, so we´ll see.
Last week in our district meeting we had to make up word to a hymn to give our district animo for the work! We chose a Christmas song (Christmas in July anyone??) but it wasn´t all that creative so we made up dance moves to it and sang it in our meeting, the elders were laughing SO hard. it was hilarious. oh the funny things on the mission...
mom, you asked about the dogs. Yes, they were running at us, trrying to bite us, and yes i through a rock and then turned and walked as calmly as possible in the opposite direction. (it was a brisk walk) Luckly, I haven´t seen those dogs since.
Transfers are next week... who knows what´ll happen! I think I´m staying, but sometimes I feel like I could be leaving as well. It´s hard to know because the new president, no one knows how he likes to do transfers! I´m game for whatever, he knows best and i´d be sad to leave, but also excited to see something new, so who knows. I´ll know next monday though! can´t believe it´s that time again already! SO FAST.
Robbie... you should visit my old work, and go visit Steve. Just to tell him that I say hello and told you to come visit him! Give him my blog address... how is my blog mom? It´d be fun for you i think... plus help me keep my job for when i return! it´s in the Health and Wellness center on 900 E and 1600 N... something like that... google it.
Also, next week, can you send me the recipe to my no bakes.... they are better than anyone elses... i don´t know why! more PB maybe or maybe it´s just the LOVE!
Well, as jealous as I am of ustedes, I am really happy here in Viña, while typing this letter I just kept thinking, the mission is pretty sweet. Obviously there are times of hardship, but mostly it´s all good and the good things totally wash out the hard times. This change we really haven´t had much success, no one progressing, but we´ve always seen miracles, even the little things. That is from God, I know it. He is kind. When we are working hard we can always recognize the little things as miracles. This Church is true. The Book of Mormon is true. This week I have been reading in 3 Nefi and just can´t get enough, I´m getting close to finishing and i´m sad to finish, but know it´s always there to just start over from the beginiing and strengthen my testimony even more. Jesus Christ lives, He is our Savior. He suffered for us so that we can live with him and with our families para siempre. I cannot wait for the day to give my thanks and a nice hug, but for now all we can do is follow Him and try to become more like him daily.
Well Family, I love you all. This is your homework this week: ride a wave for me, eat some Jeffs Ice Cream and a BLT from the Cheese Shop, go running (oh I MISS RUNNING), and laugh lots!
Thanks for everything! Know that I always am praying for each and everyone of you and that I am happy!
Keep Smiling,
Hermana Sargent
state pride

dad will understand if no one else does...

i thought it was funny! someone can translate it there!

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