Monday, June 25, 2012

Well, since I know you´re ALL dying to hear about my new companion I won’t make you wait any longer!
Hermana Tamayo, from Panama City, Panama, She has a year on the mission, leaves in December and really is great. At first I was nervous to change companions a little, not nervous, just curious to see who it´d be and honestly, super sad to see Hna Riggs go, but after the first day with her it just felt so normal, like how it was suppossed to be! She is a convert to the church for 4 years and about a year of that was menos activa, one day just decided to go to church and felt super strongly about serving a mission. So she followed that prompting and has been here in Chile for a year! So crazy. Only her and her mom were members when she started her mission and now 18 miembros de su familia (members of her family) are members! Talk about mission blessings.
She is a professional dancer and has one year left until she graduates as a Chef! I want her to make me some food ;) Really though, we get along super good, she helps me a TON with my Espanol and I help her with her English. It´s just good. Yesterday we were walking and she told me that President was really inspired with this companionship because she needed someone with the excitement that I have and just someone who can bring out her personality because the cambio antes (companionship before) she was just really serious she said, but I told her it’s my goal on the mission to work hard, but have fun and share my personality while doing it, so I´m glad I could help her!
It’s definitely weird without Hna. Riggs though, not so much as the companionship, but with the work. I realized after she left that she just always took the lead in things, which was good because I was and still am learning. But she left and I was left with the area. I had to step it up and take the lead! It was hard at first, and still is hard because we´re still lacking progressing investigators, but really it´s super good for me becuase it makes me want to really work to find new people. I also didn´t realize how much I learned from Hna. Riggs until she left, I think that’s just how companionships are. You don´t realize something until it´s gone! Sometimes I feel like I´m training myself. Hna Tamayo has never trained and estoy acostumbrada a training and just kinda explain things how we did it before and if she wants to change it, that’s fine because I´ll learn more from her! I just have noticed with her I´m speaking more in lessons, doing more of the compromisos (committing people) and I think it´s good. Definitley is gonna help me be the type of missionary I want to be!
Mom, yes I got you package! SO NICE. I can´t believe how quickly packages get here... seriously, took 13 or 14 days. That’s like nothing. Must be cause I´m not in Paraguay! ha! But really, thanks a ton. Scarf has come in handy, as well as the snackos, and I gave Hna. Tamayo the shirt because Hna. Riggs mom sent one to me. Super great! Thanks a ton. Also, family, thanks for all the dear elders... the elders have started to notice the pattern of lots of letters for me! ha! But I just say, ¨tengo mucho personas que me quieren¨ (lots of people that love me) es cierto (true), I can feel the love from all of you all the time! ;) gracias.
The other day, well it´s happened a few times, there has been no power so we got into our house to plan... no power! ya! Lit some candles, got a flashlight and got at it, but it’s kinda fun when it happens, we all decided to eat a bowl of cereal in the dark in candle light. Super fun! ha!
Our reality show episode had its season finale... with Hna Riggs that is! It was HILARIOUS. Ok, so cambios (companionship) here, when someone in the companionship is leaving, you go to Vina in the office. So Hna Riggs and I were headed there with ALL her stuff. (btw, she went to Limache) She had TONS! 3 FULL suitcases, I swear one of them weighed a good 70 lbs. and you know me, that packing nazi, I was in awe... I really don´t know how she has stuff, but she did tell me she can´t throw things away easily, which is not my problem! But anywho, we had 3 bags, her pillow and coats and scarfs in hands. We walked to the metro (subway) but to walk from our house it´s a dirt path, and it was kinda soft dirt cause of the rain, but not quite mud, so super hard to pull through the path. We got on the SUPER crowded metro to Vina and then, pushed and pulled her stuff through the city of Vina del Mar (which I LOVE... totally NYC vibe) and finally arrived to the mission office. Seriously though, I´m sure we looked ridiculous, two gringas with bags and pillows and everything... one man asked me if I was tired because I brought my pillow. ha! So funny. Really though, good last episode, we just laughed the whole time basically!
I was supposed to give a talk yesterday in the ward 15 minutes of every member a missionary. I was kinda excited to give it, but when we got there they told me I didn´t have to give it because we had 3 confirmations and two people from the stake spoke, so no time. But oh well... that´s so Chile, they don´t think through things until 5 minutes before Sacrament meetings!
Dad.... guess who I met??? PEDRO!!! ha! We were walking in la calle (the street) and this guy came up to us and stopped us and was like, ¨where can I get more of your books?¨ so we were just talking about the church, we asked for his address to come talk to him, but he told us he wasn´t interested in meeting with us, only wants to read and compare to other religions, but his name was Pedro. I´m still convinced that I´ll baptize a Pedro on my mission! Mi meta. (my goal)
Yesterday Hna Tamayo wanted me to teach her in English so she could listen and practice, so I started to teach the Plan de Salvacion en ingles (plan of salvation in English) and it was SO hard. Honestly, I like couldn´t do it. I think it´s because I´ve been memorizing the lessons in Spanish and then to switch to English was super dificil. (difficult) Verdad. No podria hacerlo. We got some great laughs out of it. It´s fun to help someone with their English and have her here to help me with my Spanish. I really hope it just improves a ton these next weeks with her. Sometimes I think, my Spanish should be better, but I just have to remind myself.. I´ve only been here for 7 weeks. Patience with yourself!
As for investigators, we don´t have any really progressing. We have some that we teach, but don´t understand fully yet, but I think it´ll be good to really just focus on finding new people this week. We both just really want to teach because when you aren´t teaching the days are harder, but this week all we are gonna do is FIND!! I know people are there, and we have people, they just kinda get brushed aside when you have people with fechas (dates) and baptisms, but we really want to work with the members and menos activos. (less active) There is this family, familia Brito, who are all members except the dad, but menos activos, so we really want to try to work with them more and also we found another lady who got baptized 4 years ago, but never felt accepted in the church and she has 3 kids and a spouse that aren´t members. So there are definitely people to work with, it´s just a matter of finding! I hate to even write that we don´t have any progressing, because we really have some great people, it´s just a matter of teaching so they understand better the importance of our message, but that is the mission, I know it´ll just take off here soon!
Also, I have had the prompting to make sure my ¨emergency kit¨ is ready for an earthquake this week, often. So I have it all ready, but the weird thing is, randomly last night Hna Tamayo and the other Hnas that live with me were talking about how they feel an earthquake is gonna come soon! SO Weird. who knows... it´s been a while since there has been a temblor, only one since I´ve been here and usually there are about 2 a week people say, so I think everyone is thinking it´s all building up... kinda scary. But I´ve always imagined myself cleaning up stuff and doing service on my mission! We´ll see.
Mom, did Maritza add you on FB? She told me she was going to... just curious to see if she did or not! ha!
Well family, all is well here in Chile! I am happy, I am working, and I am learning. Isn´t that what a mission is all about!
The Church is true, no where else I´d rather be that right here serving the people of Chile!
Love you all,
Keep Smiling,
Hermana Sargent

service for a ward member, painting! yay!

yes i am lots taller than her! ha! but Hna Tamayo and I

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