Monday, June 11, 2012

Sounds like you´ve all had a crazy week! Kinda fit into mine too. We just had no time this week, lots of meeting, conferences, etc. But it was all fun and good so I´m happy about that.
Wow, Ribbie´s call… still can´t get over it. Definitely wasn´t expecting that one but SO happy for him. Really, it´s just right. I can feel it. I´ve heard of some GREAT success stories from the Philippines, and I think the weather is pretty nice… ya? Not sure… if i have time today i´ll get on LDS maps and look at it.
This week we had a conference with Elder Richards… over Chile, it was SO good. Orly him and his wife Spike and it lasted about 2 hours and i just didn´t want them to stop! His wife talked about Change and how we really always need to trust in the changes that are made here and how the misión presidents are set apart by an Apostles and that's just about the closest to our Savior and how every little change is for a reason and just Trust in God and call to him in times of trouble. Loved it.
He talked about just ways to teach in simple ways. It´s so good to learn and hear about that because really, when you just talk, the people don´t understand, it´s all just about the simple facts and the Spirit that they need to feel. He told us, not to use examples to explain something, just scriptures and doctrine. Kinda hard because honestly examples are the best to help people understand, but this will make us rely on the Spirit more! It was fun to meet other missionaries from the Mission, it was basically just a party! haha! Really though, super good and very though provoking. made me want to be a better teacher and missionary!
Hilding and Magali had their interviews yesterday and are getting baptized next Sunday!!! YAYYYYY. they are SO ready, we had a FHE with them on Monday with a family in the ward and the family was talking about how to be an eternal family and they were explaining the temple and in a year (I´ll be here!!!) they can go and get sealed... They just both started talking about how it´s there 50 year anniversary next august and how that´ll be so great to be sealed forever there 50th year of marriage. It was amazing to hear that they actually understood and realized the importance of it! Also, they are having family prayer... how wonderful is that. They both have powerful testimonies of the LDM and read it daily. Love them. Can´t wait for Sunday.
Maritza, hasn´t had her interview yet, but it´s on Tuesday... sometimes I feel nervous about her, but she´s ready, really, has a testimony, knows its true, i think her personality just is funny... kinda scatter brained.... but i love her for it. She´s special, her baptism isn´t set for sure until the interview, but we should have hers on Sunday as well.
Just amazing to see people really accept and understand the importance of our message. Its so true and SO good! ´
Reality show episodes.... Yes, I should probably not call them that, but really, it´s just hilarious now.
OK, so we were in lunch and we head our phone vibrate in our bad (ya, we have cells here in our mission... HM STATUS) anywho, we look quickly and see Jean has called TWICE. immediately, we think... oh my gosh! Has he had a King Limoni/Alma experience and received his answer and wants to be baptised ASAP? we call him back and all he says is ...Can you come by sometime today? We fit him into our already hectic day and all day long.... thinking of why he wants to see us. We decide on 3 things.... 1. his mom has a gift for us 2. he felt awkward and bad about our DTR and wants to apologize or 3. He got his answer.....
so we show up to his house SO EXCITED. just really wanted to know why... unfortunately he didn´t have an Alma or King Limoni expereince... it was just his mom had bought us these light pink boot slippers... yes, they are rather ugly, but very warm so they were appreciated. that was all he wanted. Super nice of his mother, but he is not gonna be getting baptized any time soon. (see photo for visuals)
episode two: We go to teach this one lady... Patricia, we immediately find out she has NO belief in God, at all... she´s studied all forms of science and just doesn´t see how it could be possible... yadda yadda yadda... anywho, within this cita with her the following things happen...
1. I try to testify that really there is a God and how she can know, and I said something along the lines of, I prayed and i have received my answer that there is a God and that he loves me, and you. She immediately interrupts and starts laughing saying, you can´t receive an answer... it´s not tangible, then Hna. Riggs tries and she just is laughing at us.
2. she then tells us we need to do more drugs.. no joke.
3. She tells us that she hopes in the next 10 years of our life we can find something different
4. We then ask her to say a pray before we leave and she really doesn´t want us to, but gives in and during the prayer... she lights up a cigarette.
it was just crazy. way too much bad in one lesson. WE left just feeling bad for her though, and then thought she´s gonna have a shock in the next life. needless to say, we won´t be going back to her...
Our musical fireside went great last night. A few technical problems with the videos, but all is well. The Spirit was felt and that's what was most important. I think the investigators who went really enjoyed it.
Last night i was standing at the front on the ground, right next to the front of the Chapel, and i just hear a kid behind me go... ¨woah, que alta!¨ I turn around and I was the SAME height as him and he was on the stand. it was really just funny. he was probably like 10 or so... not a 4 year old. ha!
we had a lesson on obedience last week in our Zone meeting, those are the BEST! i just really like this quote... ¨El Espirit es en los detailes¨ (the spirit is in the details) it´s so true. exact obedience brings the spirit, blessings, and miracles,
this morning i was reading Alma 29... one of my new favorite chapters in the LDM. read it.
Our major struggle right now is just finding people, we´ve taught tons of first lessons and stuff, but it´s just hard to find people who have the desire to really listen and understand the importance of our message. But we know those will come, we just need to be grateful for those that we´re teaching and that we have people being baptized. Sometimes i wonder, what am I not doing, why aren´t we finding more, but this week I´m gonna work on my faith and really just talking with EVERYONE in the streets, also, hopefully the members can be a support and find people to teach. That´s the biggest struggle though, I think sometimes it´s just i feel like i need to be doing SO MUCH MORE but sometimes we just can´t do that and there is a reason for everything!
Side note.... the lady next to me has head phones on and keeps singing really loud... it´s funny! and I hear Adele playing outside.. last week was Michael Buble.. I like this computer place!
well, family, thanks for love and support. I honestly feel it and couldn´t imagine serving without the support of my family. We are blessed to have a family like we do. I hope everyone realizes that! The gospel is true, missionary work is great, we´re ALL missionaries. don´t forget that!
well, love you all, thanks for everything! I´m doing good here in Chile, just trying to stay warm :)
Keep Smiling,
Hermana Sargent
p.s. sorry if my spelling is awful, this Spanish to English thing is hard sometimes....
 FHE with the Font family. (daughter is 25)

 3 month mark... thanks Hna. Riggs for my sign :)

 these awesome slippers that Jeans mom gave us!
the herd is still with me... always!

 Hilding, Magail, Ivens, and us

Las hermanas... they all live in my house

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