Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Fathers day yesterday to all the Fathers in the Fam! Really, look up to you all and apréciate all you´ve done for me in mi vida! Glad you got the card and the video dad! Super cheesy video, i know… I´m a sister missionary singing Called to Serve for my dad, but hey, that´s what I´m suppossed to do! Glad you had a fun day and felt celebrated J
Yes… all the baptisms happened yesterday! It was SOOOOOO great. Oh man, just to witness first had the gospel coming into peoples lives. They were all there at church, and then alter we had the service and so many members stayed which is awesome. They were all dressed in white and were all smiles. A little anxious, but once the service was started, i think it calmed any nerves they had! The service was great. Two spealkers, there favorite hymns ¨joseph smiths first prayer¨ and ¨Dios da valor¨ (can´t think of it in english… maybe God Speed the right) Then they were baptized. I just felt so much joy and love for them, and I was thinking… If I feel this much love for them, how does God feel? This is the key to enter into the Kingdom of God and they just did it. I love them, and its just amazing to me to think of really how much love God has for everyone! Then after the baptisms they all bore their Testimonies. Super fuerte. They just really testified of what they knew, how the BOM has helped them and how they never thought they´d find or join into the Mormon church, but through people, examples, and seeing how people were happy they just couldn´t deny it. That was probably my favorite part of everything. Just watching them bare testimony to all the people who were there, so simple but you could feel the Spirit and that´s all that matters.
There has been more rain this week…just see photos. It´s crazy. Think I´m gonna buy some rainboots because really… my boots are fine in the rain, but this isn´t rain, it´s like lagos in the calles. I need to build an arch like Noah sometimes. Ha! Fun tradition here though, whenever there is rain here the people make these things called sopaipillas. Super rico. Basically like a scone but it is made with squash in it. I can´t eat too many though, but it´s just fun to see everyone cooking them when it´s raining.
Some sad news… Hna Riggs is leaving! It´s super rare for someone to leave in the middle of training, it happens, it´s just rare, but it´ll be good. I´m gonna miss her for sure, but I am also excited to see who my next comp is and I know I´ll love her just as much. I have gotten the feeling the past couple weeks that Hna Riggs is going and that I´m gonna get a latino. Which i´m excited for because my Spanish will improve a TON! It is totally stressful though, because I have to be the one who leads my new comp everywhere and find the people. It´s the mission, but i was thinking in another 6 weeks (after training) I would be doing that, but all is well. The Pres knows best and I have been so appreciative of the time I had with Hna Riggs. She isn´t going too far so I will see her in conferencias and stuff! They don´t tell us who our companions are until we meet in Vina and get them. just to avoid gossip and stuff, so I will find out tomorrow when I take Hna Riggs to the office and i´ll let you all know next week!
This week we´ve found some good people! There is this one family I just wanna talk about... ok, so we were walking on this street and we heard kids in this house and decided to knock... well, yell. So we yelled and these 3 CUTEST children opened the door. (11, 10 and 7) There mom was sick but we asked them if we could sing them a song and so we did, they learned it too! and then we asked if we could come back another day and they said tomorrow!. So we went back the next day and the mom came out and talked to us. She was sick but told us to come back after the weekend. kinda a bummer cause we wanted to see them more often, but anywho, we were walking by that street 2 days after and the mom was outside hanging laundry. we were just going to say hello but she was like... ¨pasen pasen¨ so we went into her house and just started talking to her. She NEEDS the gospel. she is solo with these 3 kids, don´t have a ton of money, but seriously, she just kinda vented to us about how she sees people that are happy and wonders why she isn´t and why God puts her through hard times, ect ect. She takes her kids to a church because she wants them to have good morals but doesn´t even really beleive in it. We just testified to her that God loves her and that our message can bring her the happiness she is looking for. She agreed to let us go back so tonight we have a Cita with her! I just know that she can benefit from the Gospel. She´s sad, but wants to be happy, she doesn´t drink or smoke because she knows that only temporary happiness and wants to be an example for her kids. me siento que she will soak up our message like a sponge. I really am praying for it atleast!
We had a conferencia on Thursday, ultimo con Pres and Herm Gillespie. It was good, I don´t feel too sad to see them go, they are GREAT people I just haven´t had the chance to really get to know them, but they talked about the new Pres. I am really excited to meet him. I just feel like we already have a connection because he served en Tempe! It´ll be different for sure, especially because su esposa will be tending to their 4 kids lots and he´ll probably travel to things solo, but thats ok with me! I really don´t know much different. I just am excited to see if things change a ton!
Hna Riggs cumpleanos fue Sabado! Super fun! She felt celebrated and the memebers new about it so whoever we saw would wish her happy birthday! I couldn´t get her anything because she´s always with me, but i made her a card and we´re gonna go to the street vendors today and I´m gonna get her something she likes, along with some dulces at this place thats super rico. She totally felt loved though. 3 birthday cakes in a 2 day period. really fun! we also had another dance party for our exercises that morning.
People always tell me that Makenna looks like me from the family photo I have here. They say she could be your daughter! So precious. :)
What is this dating game Robbie won... hilarious! already living up the BYU experience... who you taking dude?? WRITE me!
well, I´m doing good here in Chile. I´m sure this week will be different with a new comp and everything, but that´s just the mission and I know whoever it is I will be able to learn from her and we will find people. Hopefully i do a good job on taking the lead of where to go all the time until she gets comfortable with the area and knows who the people are! It´ll all be good. Goal this week... find people to teach TWICE!
La iglesia es verdadera. La Expiación es real. José Smith fue una profeta, Tenemos el LDM que puede traernos felicidad y consuelo. Dios nos ama, realmente. Me encanta la oportunidad que tengo a compartir mi testimonio cada día con alguien. Es maravillosa. Familias son eternas y el evangelio puede bendicir todas los personas! Cristo vive.
les quiero muchisimo!!!
keep smiling,
Hermana Sargent

 rain rain rain... Thinking i might buy some rain boots....

oh. just some cows on the streets in Chile! ha.

view from my area!
back of some sweatshirts our jackets made! and hna Riggs braid... i did that. :)

the zone... love this photo.

my zone!

Familila carlson (there son who got baptized 2 months ago, baptized them)

Hna Riggs and Maritza and me

Maritza with her Cousin (stake pres)

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