Monday, May 28, 2012

Well, this week Hna Riggs and I decided that our mission is like a reality show. Yes. I just said that. It´s honestly just so entertaining in everyway.
Let me just start off with all the tall comments I have recieved this week....
Bishops son: tiene 8 anos and is autistic. He looks at me and then yells ¨usted es GIGANTE¨ (you are a giant) and then he starts climbing me, like the nieces and nephews do, but we aren´t suppossed to hold children so I was like.... ugh, but he´s autistic and doesn´t know so it was ok. SO funny though.
Then we contacted this guy on the street who said ¨don´t wear high heels unless you´d be huge!¨
This is the best.... We walk into the house of Hilding and Magali (Carlson familia) and Hilding comes to shake my hand and goes... ¨Hna Sargent, todavia sigue creciendo¨ (still growing) It was SO FUNNY. We have a good relationship so I know he meant no harm at all. ha! Love all the tall comments, I´ve started writing them down so I have them post mission. Im sure I´ll have at leatst 50 in the next while.
Ok, this week, honestly, it´s been a little harder. Last week was just so good. Lots of people and dates and this week has been hard to find people. Seriously, it probably doesn´t help that the past 3 days have been a DOWNPOUR of rain, really, hardly stopped, but it was just harder. No one is en la calle and people don´t want to open their doors to talk to us because of the rain, so they´ll just shake their hand through the window and shake there head no. So it´s just harder. But honestly, we just want to teach people, that´s all. Find, teach, and convert! We are staying positive and the rain has stopped today so I think we´ll be able to find more people. Thank goodness.
Ok, Friday was crazy... reality show story. We were walking to the chapel because we had a cita and then there was a ward activity we went to, and we were walking in the downpour, we turned on this street and were walking forward, all of a sudden we notice this drunk man, with a cane walking quickly towards us, yelling at us, we are getting closer to him and look to the street to cross but there is this HUGE HUGE puddle of water, and we werént in boots, like huge. We look back at the drunk man who is pretty close and back to the puddle, I say to Hna Riggs, should we jump? One last look at the drunk who is right by us now and yelling louder... and she goes, ya, jump. So we jump off the sidewalk, land in this puddle and book it to the other side of the street. we then are greated by this other man, some construction worker who has a chain saw type thing in his hand (ok, not really, but some piece of dangerous equipment) and he yells something and keeps walking, we then look back, drunk man stilll yelling at us, trying to come and we turn and keep walking to the capilla, we then hear a SPLAT and turn around and the drunk man has fallen, so now we´re in this dilemma of, what to do? help him, or get to safety and not let him follow us? Luckily someone goes over to the drunk man and helps him so we can continue to walk to the capilla. Through this swamp (yes, my swamp talk came out if you´re wondering) and then finally made it to the capilla in safety to wash our shoes off from the swamp. It was really just a crazy 10-15 minutes. So funny. Oh the mission....
Ok, now onto the more spiritual stuff.
1. We had a cita with Hilding and Magali this week that was so spiritual. Hilding just told us ¨yo decidí¨ (I´ve decided) about baptism and he is for sure doing it!! He told us that he hasn´t found anything like the BOM and he just really knows that it´s of God and wants to be baptized because he´s never had anything feel like it. Then he said the closing prayer, which he usually does and he always blesses our families and thanks God for having you let us come to Chile to teach him and then he started crying and said, ¨help me that I can have the same relationship with you that these Hermanas have.¨ It was just so powerful. I was just smiling because I was happy. He gets it! The ONLY problem is getting him to church... ugh! But he will. I know it.
2. Maritza is progressing. she just gets it. Clicks with her, and we have permission to teach her in this ward! Yay! She told us that she needs to talk to the Bishop about some stuff, not sure what, but I think something with her ex-husband, but I just am praying whatever it is, doesn´t delay her date of baptism! Really though, she´s great.
3. Jean, he is the hard one... just doesn´t have an open mind or heart honestly, we had a little break through with him on Wednesday I think, and he really wants to know, just hasn´t found out yet in his manera! it´s kinda frustrating but it´s all good. I just hope he can continue to progress. He just needs support from the ward and they aren´t the best at that to be honest.
4. The other hermanas in my house have been a little sick lately, pretty sure one had pneumonia, last week, at the grocery I bought clorox wipes and have been wiping everything! I don´t want to get sick! I don´t feel it, so I think it passed. I sure hope so.
5. last night we had a noche de hogar with this family, our investigator didn´t come because of the rain... but it was so great. They are a solid family, just makes me want to have a family like that one day. Reminded me of our FHE´s at home. Just lesson, song, treat, game, ect. super normal. I loved it. Felt right at home :)
6. This week I read a talk by Ezra Taft Benson, its Beware of Pride in April 1989, seriously, SO GOOD! You should all read it. It was just powerful, man, I don´t realize how many things deal with pride, something I think everyone can work on!
7. I´ve gotten questions about the ward and the support. I really think they just think missionaries are suppossed to do everything. They don´t realize that these people need friends in the ward so at times is frustrating, but it´s ok. We are doing what we can for the ward and us. The mission is really trying to work through members to find people, so we are trying to do that. But yesterday morning, it was raining, hard. It was our ward conference and serioulsy I think only 20 ward members were there.. you can really tell who the fieles are. Only had 9 women in R.S. it´s just crazy. I can´t believe it. It´s just rain, yes, I know it´s a lot of rain, but COME TO CHURCH. It´s SO important. Oh, South America. Also, none of our investigtors came because of the rain which is a let down, but all is well. Next week!
8. Really the mission is good. This week was hard, I´m still new so I don´t know what to do when no one is letting us in and we are trying to find new people to teach, but I know that we will be blessed through diligence and obedience! I knew coming into this that it wouldn´t be like all roses, but I am grateful for those harder times because it make me rely on the Lord and really try to get guidance!
9. I am thankful for this opprotunity I have to serve a mission. Really, it´s just a blessing. I have already learned so much and still have 15 months left, my brain might explode. Spanish is coming, I just want to be perfectly fluent in 2 days, but that won´t happen, but it´s going good. I´m not struggling too bad. I just have to focus harder with others when I´m too tired to understand, but I can get most of it. It´s good!
10. Robs, had a dream you got called to Baltimore and this morning I woke up with the song ¨Good Morning Baltimore¨ in my head and thought if you go there you can sing that every morning. I still think you´re gonna come to Chile though... :) you will be called where the Lord needs you because you´re gonna be BOMB!
Well, I love you all so much. I think of you all the time and am so thankful for the support that I have from each of you! I really feel the prayers here and hope you can feel the ones I give for you!
Love the gospel, Love the mission, Love my companion, Love the Chileans, Love the food, Love Spanish, it´s just all good!
Sounds like you are all doing well and busy now that summer has started! So weird because my winter is starting...
Love you all lots!
Keep Smiling :)
Hermana Sargent

A member gave me all these paper things... I LOVE them. sticky and all.

Bishops wife and kid, with Maritza!

.Hna Riggs and I on the Micro (bus)

Hna Riggs and I found these beauties in the house..
Definitely from the '90's. Ha!  Wore them last
week to our district meeting!

Our zone meeting game ¨quien es su papi?¨

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