Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ok, let me just start by saying I LOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEED skyping yesterday. I always think it´ll make me homesick but it never ever does. I´m always just so happy afterward. I think it helps that we´ve had so many missionaries in our fam so it´s like, oh they´ve all done this…. I can do it! It was sooo fun! I felt like I was talking the whole time and couldn´t even ask you all questions, but I hope everyone is well. I assumed so by the looks and comments of everyone. So great.

I love Chile. I don´t know why, but any other culture other than USA I just love. I love our culture too, but others are just kind and humble. I need to be more like that. But seriously it´s great. The food, the people, the eathquakes (there was a TREMOR yesterday) I FORGOT to tell you. We were just studying and all of a sudden it was shaking and then it was over. Only for like 1.5 seconds. Kinda weird. They did kinda talk to us and told us to get next to a table or something if it was bad, not under though b/c then it would crush us. But we´ll be fine. The Lord is blessing us!

Hna Riggs, as you all know is la MEJOR. We just get along well. We were both talking last night how we just feel like we are friends from before. Just normal. It isn´t ever wierd, she doesn´t bug me, it´s just good! She´s great and she LOVED seeing all of you. She told me to tell you today that she forgot to say ¨my spanish is good¨ ahahhaa. She´s kind. ha!

Well, I feel like you know all I was gonna tell you, so now I´ll just write other random things I guess!

First things first.... our goal for this change is to find a FAMILY to baptize. We just want a family with leadership skills and everything just to lead the ward. We are praying for it, so if you want to as well, that´d be great.

Also, we are focusing a lot in our mission on finding inactives and stregthening the members. So we have planned Noche de Hogars (family home evenings) and we´ll bring an investigator or inactive and then do a lesson and game and then treat! It´s fun. We had a couple this past week.

I can´t believe how many people are inactive here. I ALWAYS heard it, but just never believed it I guess. Everyone I feel like knows someone who is inactive or we find people who are. It´s good though. Sad but good people to find!

On the street we always have to make enough contacts, our goal in the mission is 140 a week. So when people are walking by we always say hi and try to talk to them, but sometimes they don´t want to talk because they know who we are! So we´ve done something different... hahaha. I drop my pen right in front of them so it´s easier to talk to them and not let them run away. Hasn´t really worked yet, but I´ve only done it a couple times.... I have faith though it´ll work! hahaha

Dad, our streets for the church are Condell Norte and Roma, thats the capilla. My area is right around there! I wish I knew more streets but those are the ones of the capilla. Get on lds.org, go to tools, then maps, type in Villa Norte. It´s the 2nd one listed. Then you can zoom in and find my actual area and stuff! Didn´t know it had it on there! But now you can search away! If you go to the top right you can make it satellite and everything!

Mom, my mission has a blog. It´s vinadelmarmission.com. Check it. I´m featured! ha!
Also mom, did you get my mothers day package with letters and stuff? Hope you enjoyed them!
Also, did you get a box with my straightner and hairdryer and stuff?? I hope it made it to you!

Night times here are deserted and it´s not really allowed to knock doors or contact people on the street because of safety, so we like to have a lesson at least 8 or 830 so we aren´t just walking...

Our schedule here in our mission is different. We go to bed at 11 and wake up at 7. It´s because everything in South America is later so it´s good. Get home at 9:30 and then plan and then have an hour or sometimes less to do whatever!

At nights though, I´m so hungry. We eat lunch with the members at 1:30, but we don´t do dinner here because they really don´t eat it. They just eat at like 8 a snack, but we don´t do that because it interrupts teaching times and stuff. So I get home and am hungry but don´t eat b/c I´m just gonna go to bed. I need to buy healthy snacks or something today.

Our investigators. The ones I told you about yesterday who were all ready for church but didn´t go because of their son. SO SAD. But I REALLY hope they come next week. The Obispo is gonna talk to their son and we´re gonna continue to teach them. Another one is Jean, he has been being taught for a while, and he likes what he is hearing but he said last week, he is getting bored just praying because he doesn´t really believe in God or anything like that and he hasn´t recieved his answer, but ALL the things he is describing to us, is the SPIRIT. Ah, he just doesn’t want it to be or something, I don´t know. Hopefully we can keep progressing with him.

There is this one family, the Magali family. They have a daughter who is 11 and is SUPER SMART. She just gets it. Her dad seems to have interest, but not sure. We go back on Tuesday so I´m excited. They are really great. I hope they can progress. Not sure where the mom is, I think seperated. But we want to get them baptism dates this week. Hopefully it´ll work out!

Oh I was reading in Mosiah 15 this morning and mom I thought of you. verse 30, just the FIRST line= there is singing in heaven. There has to be, and how I interpreted it was that they just break out in song when they are joyful. ha! All the time I guess. Your dream is coming true! :)

Well, I love you all family! You´re so great. I still have about 30 minutes so I´ll probably be on. I can´t think of anything else to write, I´m sure next week will fly by because the week will not be as new and I won´t have JUST talked to you about 18 hours ago. Really though, the mission is so great. I already love it. I have seen how it can be hard, like this week, we have had lots of investigators fall through or people we´ll have to drop, but I just can´t get down and let it effect me. Maybe since I just got here we´re supposed to start fresh and new or something! Who knows. I´m just gonna always work my best, rely on the Lord, and smile :)

Everyday the Gospel just amazes me. I learn more and more, everyday. I love the time I have to learn and ponder and teach. I can´t wait to be REALLY FLUENT in spanish and really be able to communicate ALL my feeling on this restored gospel. I can´t wait for Robbie to be on a mission. It´s gonna be so good and he will be AMAZING wherever he goes. (hopefully Spanish speaking :) ) Well, love you all. Hope all is well. Loved seeing all your beautiful faces yesterday. Next time I see them will be Christmas. So weird. It´ll fly by!

Anywho, I´m off. P-day. Gonna go to the grocery and then back to the house and who knows, write letters, bake banana bread or something :)

Love you all, I am happy.

Keep Smiling,
Hermana Sargent

Hna Riggs and I at the mission office

Hna Riggs and I first day at mission home

Un calle en mi area


Study room, Hna Riggs and I

The beds in our front room. Mine is far left!

 Right when you open the front door

The kitchen- only one with an OVEN! I have to take advantage.

Front of house :)

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