Monday, May 21, 2012

Hola Familia!

Wow, what a week! It´s just crazy, we do the same thing here, everyday basically, but it´s so different because honestly we NEVER know what is gonna happen.

I have been good though, lots of success this week, and Hna. Riggs and I are getting along GREAT. We are really similar so it´s super fun!

Well, last Tuesday we found 6 new investigators. It was just a whirlwind, people just accepting us left and right. It was awesome! Totally made me realize what missionary success is like. 9 nuevos on total :)

One was a family of 4 and they have two others, but they haven´t been home. We taught them again later in the week and they seem semi-intersted. Not really the dad, but the others do. They couldn´t come to church yesterday, but they said next week, so HOPEFULLY they really do. It´d be great.

Another one is Alejandra and her adoptedish daughter who really has lived through a lot and is only 13. Just abusive parents and all. Awful stuff. But they are reading the BOM and progressing! I sure hope they find the truthfulness of it. Alejandra is very religious, just not in the LDS church. Ha!

We also got 2 dates for baptism. One is Jean, who I wrote about last week. He is gonna try to prepare, but I need to have more faith in him and his own decisions. I just don´t know what else to do with him. He accepted a date which is GREAT but he always asks Why is baptism necessary? How will it really change my life I´m living now when I get baptized? I swear, we´ve tried everything! Ha. But really he WANTS to know. We´ve had some pretty powerful lessons with him the past week and he is just searching, I think he´s received his answer, but just hasn´t realized it! Actually, I know he has. He just has a very logical mind, not really open to feelings.

The other one is GOLDEN. Maritsa. She is basically a Nancy Russel. ha! Maybe not quite as good, but pretty close. Ok, so we taught her. She works with the bishops wife and came to church last Sunday so we met with her twice this week. The first time was great. She asked, What happened in the Americas during the time of the Bible... insert Libro de Mormom!! and then she´s had a priesthood blessing before so she realizes and has a testimony in that which made it super easy to have a testimony in Joseph Smith. So we left her with a pamphlet of the resturation and on the back there are some steps like.... 1. meet with missionaries 2. pray about and read the BOM 3. Set a baptism date 4. visit ect.. So we go into our second lesson and have the goal to set her a baptism date, and SHE pulls out her pamphlet and was all concerned because she didn´t have a date! It was the easiest thing ever. She´s great. The ONLY problem is she doesn´t live in our area, but she is just living with her Aunt right now, so it´s not her house and she doesn´t feel comfortable with the elders teaching her, so we have permission to teach her. I just hope she can get baptized in our ward.... gotta figure that out. But so great teaching her!

We have another couple of families we´ve found. Haven´t taught them tons yet! But I´m hoping it´ll all work out with them. Our ward needs some family support with good leaders. But really, prayers are answered because we have been in contact with lots of families.

Yesterday in Church we had 2 investigators. The Carlson family, I told you about last week with the family problems. The MOM came to church. not the dad, he was sick, so now we have to move his baptism date back because you have to be at church 3 times, but I was so happy to see Magali there, and she enjoyed it which is awesome. Oh, loved seeing her walk in!

Friday we had intercambios! I went to a place called Limache! It was fun. My comp for the day was Hna Moncada, from Chile. It was nice to switch it up. All SPANISH, all the time because she speaks no English. I basically understood everything so that was good. She´s only been out 1 change longer than me so we were both in the training stages still. ha! but honestly, she´s a really good missionary. I learned a lot to ALWAYS talk about baptism and how we have the authority that Christ had. It was just good. Like a sleepover in Chile!

Mom, I ALREADY recieved your package. It got in here 13 days. Can you believe that? Fastest thing EVER. THANK YOU. Love everything inside :)The hot tamales may already be gone..... ha!

And yes, Tuesdays we receive letters on Tuesdays and district meetings!

I learned why in South America they greet with a kiss on the check.... read 1 Thes. 5:26. Everyone should abide by this rule.

This week we´ve been really focusing on getting down the first lesson, it´s going good. Not where I want to be yet, but it´s only been 2 weeks! Gotta have patience and faith that it´ll come :) But it´s really good to master because it´s what you teach the most.

Ok, the music here.... when singing with Chileans. Awful. ha. Really, bad. But it´s ok. They all sing their hearts out, I just need to volunteer to try to play the piano, at least the right hand so people are in the same key! ha

Robs... start finding music to put on your ipod now, it´s the best to have a great variety of all :)

Ok, in Seminary we played this game called. ¨quien es su papi?¨ I´m sure Skye can explain it to you. But us Hna´s are in charge of teaching the lesson tomorrow in our zone and district meeting and we´re gonna play it! The elders are gonna LOVE it. ha!

Really this week has been good. Missionary work is different than I thought it would be. But it´s good. Really, I love it. It´s weird to think I´m gonna be doing it until next August or September, but it´s just gonna FLY by. It´s a lot of finding people and talking to EVERYONE. That is the way to find people, just talk. But I love it. I´ve learned a lot about working with people and especially the members. I challenge all of you to OFFER to go out with the missionaries to a lesson. They are always needing members and really pray and think about people to refer to them. Members are the BEST tool to finding people to teach. Really, one lesson, they´ll ask you to bare your testimony probably. We can all do that. It´s such a blessing to the missionaries, the investigator, and to you!

The rest of today consists of groceries, back to the house, we want to play ping-pong in the church so if we have time we´ll do that. Write some letters maybe.... I just feel like it´ll take FOREVER to get letters to the states. but I should do it anyways. Maybe to the MTC buddies :)

Tonight we´re doing a Noche de Hogar (FHE) with the Obispo and fam with Marista (baptism date) NDH are the best. Super fun. We´re taking rootbeer and ice cream to do rootbeer floats. ha! Should be rather tasty.

I just sent off some pics so I hope you got them!

Well, love you family! I really appreciate all the love and support I get from you everyday. Seriously, I can feel it. Makes is so much easier to work hard and keep going when I have a supportive family. The Church is true. Jesus Christ Lives, We have the priesthood on the earth today, what a great blessing. Joseph Smith was a prophet who restored this wonderful church. we are blessed and lucky to have it! Missionary work is the work of God and he blesses those who try their hardest to do so!

Love you all, miss you and think and pray for you everyday!

Keep Smiling!

Hermana Sargent

Hna. Riggs and I :)

Intercambio companion- this area was a lot more campo, like fieldish. A little poorer than my area, but i Loved it.

Tiny turtle

Just another turtle pic.... hahaha

Familia Pucshell. The younger guy got baptized before I got here and then they have 2 inactivos. just a little visit with them!

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