Friday, May 4, 2012

First things first.... I GOT MY TRAVEL PLANS YESTERDAY. Seriously, SO happy about it :) I was like a kid on Christmas morning.

I leave the MTC May 7 at 6:00am then flight out at 10:05 from SLC fly to LAX leave there at 1:25 and then fly all the way straight to Santiago and arrive at 5:40am. On American Airlines.

I'm not really sure how calling will work. I have heard only 10-15 minutes and there are tons of people leaving that day but hopefully I can get a phone call in in SLC and then another in LAX. I bought a phone card today so that's good! I'm SO excited though. I love the MTC, but once I got the plans I really felt like it was real. I'm acutally leaving! The elders going to Chile in my district are all on the same flight as me and then I know of 2 other sisters going to my mission that are with me as well. So, I should have a fun group to fly with.

Well, family, it sounds like you are all doing SO good. Real busy with graduation, end of years fiestas, ect. Robbie.... or should I say, HARRY! SO HAPPY that you got your solo. I'm jealous that everyone will get to hear it except me, maybe when I call for Mothers day you can sing a little of it for me. You'll do great. Have so much confidence in you!

Thank you, thank you for letters and pacakges. Jac, your "graduation" package came yesterday and it was PERFECT becasue we got our travel plans so that was just super fun. Everyone wore the graduation caps for class all day and the signs are up in the room and cookies have been eaten. Thanks! So fun. Scott and Lynell sent some Taffy that was delicious, and mom...banana bread. Oh man! Uou know me super well. That backpack is PERFECT and the socks and everything. THANK YOU!

Well, lets see.... this week we've had some great speakers come, once again.

In Relief Society Sunday, Ann Dibbs (Pres Monson’s daughter) spoke to us. Pretty cool and super good!!

Then, on Tuesday... druuuuuummmmmm roooool. Yes, another Apostle. Can you beleive it??? Russel M. Nelson.

It was wonderful. He talked aobut 9 doctrines of our gospel that us as missionaries need to know. I wish I had time to write all my notes, but I don't.

Elder Nelson has/had my dream job. Heart Surgeon, and now he just travels and did travel. Ugh, lucky man!! hahaha

Really though, we've heard from 4 apostles here plus General Conference, it's amazing. I can't beleive it.

So, we got a new schedule this week. The whole MTC did. They just switch it up for teachers sake really so people have a chance to teach and go to school. It's not bad, i kinda like the change. Also, next week, my P-day is on Saturday because it's my last week so we have training all day Friday. So I'll write sometime Saturday. Kinda a bummer because I won't hear back unless you're on the comp, but I get to talk to you MONDAY!!! :)

This past week the outdoor field opened so during gym we can go there... our WHOLE zone had a game of softball. It was beyond fun. I felt like I wasn't even at the MTC and I was just playing on a spring day with my besties. Tan divertido. We all still are talking about it because it was that good. The elders don't think that us hermanas can play though... there was a fly ball right to me and it was high so I had myself all positioned and I could hear this other elder running towards me like I wasn't gonna catch it.... come on!! So after I did catch it, I gave him a hard time being like "no puede creer que you puede jugar softball" jajaja he just said "just making sure that I had you covered" Silly elders.

A district from my zone didn't recieve their Visas to Argentina so they've all been reassigned. Hna. Alhmann (my bestie) got reassigned to Chicago. She leaves Monday and is super excited. It'll be sad to see their district leave because we're all just friends. Really, can't wait to go to all the elders homecomings after the mish cause I'll be at BYU, but it's good cause we only leave a week after! Our zone is special here. I have not heard or seen of a zone like ours. We're just REALLY close. Sit together at every meal, gym time together, study outside together, it's just great.

Mom, biggest loser updates, totally appropriate, it give me motivation to work out so I can score my dream job and work on the biggest loser ranch un dia :) haha, keep it coming!

Spiritual thought for the week: Ether 12:27.... we've all read it multiple times I'm sure. But I LOVE it. We were discussing it as a class this past week and the word weakness=sin. And we need to humble ourselves before Christ to utilize the Atonement (couldn't think of that word in English for a second) We cannot overcome our weakness (sins) sin Cristo. It's SO important that we realize the importance of la Expiacion and that we use it. Daily. We will become more and more like Christ when we use the Atonement. It is here for us and we are SO lucky to have it. Everyone needs this gift in the world and Christ and God want us to use it. Tan importante. Also, this was the last chapter Joseph Smith read before he was shot!

Also this week, I learned lots about the Plan of Salvation, ok, I never realized that people in the two lowest kingdom live solo, without any family. Obviously it makes sense but so sad, why would ANYONE want that. We have this knowledge, we know how to make it to the Celestial. Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Holy Ghost, and Endure to the End. It was just another testimony to me that the Atonement needs to be used. We are NOT perfect and we must repent to make it with our families.

I am singing in Sacrament Meeting Sunday. Hopefully it goes well. Singing Come Thou Fount from Kristin's CD. friday is Hna. Dappers 23rd b-day. I'm thinking, whoever wants to.... just send her a dearelder... I wish I had all of her info, but I forgot it. I think you can send it without it. She's going to Dallas Texas, leaving 05.07 and her mailbox is 102. Not sure what else you need. I think it'd be fun for her to get lots of dearelders from people just wishing her a happy b-day. So if you could remember that'd be GREAT! nothing too long, just something short.

Well family, I think that's all for this week. I am so happy that I am leaving soon, I love the MTC but I'm just ready to see the light in peoples eyes in Chile when they actually understand why this gospel is so important. I know this church is true. Everyday my testimony grows more and more.

Love you all. Pray for you always.

Keep Smiling,
Hermana Sargent

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