Monday, May 28, 2012

Well, this week Hna Riggs and I decided that our mission is like a reality show. Yes. I just said that. It´s honestly just so entertaining in everyway.
Let me just start off with all the tall comments I have recieved this week....
Bishops son: tiene 8 anos and is autistic. He looks at me and then yells ¨usted es GIGANTE¨ (you are a giant) and then he starts climbing me, like the nieces and nephews do, but we aren´t suppossed to hold children so I was like.... ugh, but he´s autistic and doesn´t know so it was ok. SO funny though.
Then we contacted this guy on the street who said ¨don´t wear high heels unless you´d be huge!¨
This is the best.... We walk into the house of Hilding and Magali (Carlson familia) and Hilding comes to shake my hand and goes... ¨Hna Sargent, todavia sigue creciendo¨ (still growing) It was SO FUNNY. We have a good relationship so I know he meant no harm at all. ha! Love all the tall comments, I´ve started writing them down so I have them post mission. Im sure I´ll have at leatst 50 in the next while.
Ok, this week, honestly, it´s been a little harder. Last week was just so good. Lots of people and dates and this week has been hard to find people. Seriously, it probably doesn´t help that the past 3 days have been a DOWNPOUR of rain, really, hardly stopped, but it was just harder. No one is en la calle and people don´t want to open their doors to talk to us because of the rain, so they´ll just shake their hand through the window and shake there head no. So it´s just harder. But honestly, we just want to teach people, that´s all. Find, teach, and convert! We are staying positive and the rain has stopped today so I think we´ll be able to find more people. Thank goodness.
Ok, Friday was crazy... reality show story. We were walking to the chapel because we had a cita and then there was a ward activity we went to, and we were walking in the downpour, we turned on this street and were walking forward, all of a sudden we notice this drunk man, with a cane walking quickly towards us, yelling at us, we are getting closer to him and look to the street to cross but there is this HUGE HUGE puddle of water, and we werént in boots, like huge. We look back at the drunk man who is pretty close and back to the puddle, I say to Hna Riggs, should we jump? One last look at the drunk who is right by us now and yelling louder... and she goes, ya, jump. So we jump off the sidewalk, land in this puddle and book it to the other side of the street. we then are greated by this other man, some construction worker who has a chain saw type thing in his hand (ok, not really, but some piece of dangerous equipment) and he yells something and keeps walking, we then look back, drunk man stilll yelling at us, trying to come and we turn and keep walking to the capilla, we then hear a SPLAT and turn around and the drunk man has fallen, so now we´re in this dilemma of, what to do? help him, or get to safety and not let him follow us? Luckily someone goes over to the drunk man and helps him so we can continue to walk to the capilla. Through this swamp (yes, my swamp talk came out if you´re wondering) and then finally made it to the capilla in safety to wash our shoes off from the swamp. It was really just a crazy 10-15 minutes. So funny. Oh the mission....
Ok, now onto the more spiritual stuff.
1. We had a cita with Hilding and Magali this week that was so spiritual. Hilding just told us ¨yo decidí¨ (I´ve decided) about baptism and he is for sure doing it!! He told us that he hasn´t found anything like the BOM and he just really knows that it´s of God and wants to be baptized because he´s never had anything feel like it. Then he said the closing prayer, which he usually does and he always blesses our families and thanks God for having you let us come to Chile to teach him and then he started crying and said, ¨help me that I can have the same relationship with you that these Hermanas have.¨ It was just so powerful. I was just smiling because I was happy. He gets it! The ONLY problem is getting him to church... ugh! But he will. I know it.
2. Maritza is progressing. she just gets it. Clicks with her, and we have permission to teach her in this ward! Yay! She told us that she needs to talk to the Bishop about some stuff, not sure what, but I think something with her ex-husband, but I just am praying whatever it is, doesn´t delay her date of baptism! Really though, she´s great.
3. Jean, he is the hard one... just doesn´t have an open mind or heart honestly, we had a little break through with him on Wednesday I think, and he really wants to know, just hasn´t found out yet in his manera! it´s kinda frustrating but it´s all good. I just hope he can continue to progress. He just needs support from the ward and they aren´t the best at that to be honest.
4. The other hermanas in my house have been a little sick lately, pretty sure one had pneumonia, last week, at the grocery I bought clorox wipes and have been wiping everything! I don´t want to get sick! I don´t feel it, so I think it passed. I sure hope so.
5. last night we had a noche de hogar with this family, our investigator didn´t come because of the rain... but it was so great. They are a solid family, just makes me want to have a family like that one day. Reminded me of our FHE´s at home. Just lesson, song, treat, game, ect. super normal. I loved it. Felt right at home :)
6. This week I read a talk by Ezra Taft Benson, its Beware of Pride in April 1989, seriously, SO GOOD! You should all read it. It was just powerful, man, I don´t realize how many things deal with pride, something I think everyone can work on!
7. I´ve gotten questions about the ward and the support. I really think they just think missionaries are suppossed to do everything. They don´t realize that these people need friends in the ward so at times is frustrating, but it´s ok. We are doing what we can for the ward and us. The mission is really trying to work through members to find people, so we are trying to do that. But yesterday morning, it was raining, hard. It was our ward conference and serioulsy I think only 20 ward members were there.. you can really tell who the fieles are. Only had 9 women in R.S. it´s just crazy. I can´t believe it. It´s just rain, yes, I know it´s a lot of rain, but COME TO CHURCH. It´s SO important. Oh, South America. Also, none of our investigtors came because of the rain which is a let down, but all is well. Next week!
8. Really the mission is good. This week was hard, I´m still new so I don´t know what to do when no one is letting us in and we are trying to find new people to teach, but I know that we will be blessed through diligence and obedience! I knew coming into this that it wouldn´t be like all roses, but I am grateful for those harder times because it make me rely on the Lord and really try to get guidance!
9. I am thankful for this opprotunity I have to serve a mission. Really, it´s just a blessing. I have already learned so much and still have 15 months left, my brain might explode. Spanish is coming, I just want to be perfectly fluent in 2 days, but that won´t happen, but it´s going good. I´m not struggling too bad. I just have to focus harder with others when I´m too tired to understand, but I can get most of it. It´s good!
10. Robs, had a dream you got called to Baltimore and this morning I woke up with the song ¨Good Morning Baltimore¨ in my head and thought if you go there you can sing that every morning. I still think you´re gonna come to Chile though... :) you will be called where the Lord needs you because you´re gonna be BOMB!
Well, I love you all so much. I think of you all the time and am so thankful for the support that I have from each of you! I really feel the prayers here and hope you can feel the ones I give for you!
Love the gospel, Love the mission, Love my companion, Love the Chileans, Love the food, Love Spanish, it´s just all good!
Sounds like you are all doing well and busy now that summer has started! So weird because my winter is starting...
Love you all lots!
Keep Smiling :)
Hermana Sargent

A member gave me all these paper things... I LOVE them. sticky and all.

Bishops wife and kid, with Maritza!

.Hna Riggs and I on the Micro (bus)

Hna Riggs and I found these beauties in the house..
Definitely from the '90's. Ha!  Wore them last
week to our district meeting!

Our zone meeting game ¨quien es su papi?¨

Monday, May 21, 2012

Hola Familia!

Wow, what a week! It´s just crazy, we do the same thing here, everyday basically, but it´s so different because honestly we NEVER know what is gonna happen.

I have been good though, lots of success this week, and Hna. Riggs and I are getting along GREAT. We are really similar so it´s super fun!

Well, last Tuesday we found 6 new investigators. It was just a whirlwind, people just accepting us left and right. It was awesome! Totally made me realize what missionary success is like. 9 nuevos on total :)

One was a family of 4 and they have two others, but they haven´t been home. We taught them again later in the week and they seem semi-intersted. Not really the dad, but the others do. They couldn´t come to church yesterday, but they said next week, so HOPEFULLY they really do. It´d be great.

Another one is Alejandra and her adoptedish daughter who really has lived through a lot and is only 13. Just abusive parents and all. Awful stuff. But they are reading the BOM and progressing! I sure hope they find the truthfulness of it. Alejandra is very religious, just not in the LDS church. Ha!

We also got 2 dates for baptism. One is Jean, who I wrote about last week. He is gonna try to prepare, but I need to have more faith in him and his own decisions. I just don´t know what else to do with him. He accepted a date which is GREAT but he always asks Why is baptism necessary? How will it really change my life I´m living now when I get baptized? I swear, we´ve tried everything! Ha. But really he WANTS to know. We´ve had some pretty powerful lessons with him the past week and he is just searching, I think he´s received his answer, but just hasn´t realized it! Actually, I know he has. He just has a very logical mind, not really open to feelings.

The other one is GOLDEN. Maritsa. She is basically a Nancy Russel. ha! Maybe not quite as good, but pretty close. Ok, so we taught her. She works with the bishops wife and came to church last Sunday so we met with her twice this week. The first time was great. She asked, What happened in the Americas during the time of the Bible... insert Libro de Mormom!! and then she´s had a priesthood blessing before so she realizes and has a testimony in that which made it super easy to have a testimony in Joseph Smith. So we left her with a pamphlet of the resturation and on the back there are some steps like.... 1. meet with missionaries 2. pray about and read the BOM 3. Set a baptism date 4. visit ect.. So we go into our second lesson and have the goal to set her a baptism date, and SHE pulls out her pamphlet and was all concerned because she didn´t have a date! It was the easiest thing ever. She´s great. The ONLY problem is she doesn´t live in our area, but she is just living with her Aunt right now, so it´s not her house and she doesn´t feel comfortable with the elders teaching her, so we have permission to teach her. I just hope she can get baptized in our ward.... gotta figure that out. But so great teaching her!

We have another couple of families we´ve found. Haven´t taught them tons yet! But I´m hoping it´ll all work out with them. Our ward needs some family support with good leaders. But really, prayers are answered because we have been in contact with lots of families.

Yesterday in Church we had 2 investigators. The Carlson family, I told you about last week with the family problems. The MOM came to church. not the dad, he was sick, so now we have to move his baptism date back because you have to be at church 3 times, but I was so happy to see Magali there, and she enjoyed it which is awesome. Oh, loved seeing her walk in!

Friday we had intercambios! I went to a place called Limache! It was fun. My comp for the day was Hna Moncada, from Chile. It was nice to switch it up. All SPANISH, all the time because she speaks no English. I basically understood everything so that was good. She´s only been out 1 change longer than me so we were both in the training stages still. ha! but honestly, she´s a really good missionary. I learned a lot to ALWAYS talk about baptism and how we have the authority that Christ had. It was just good. Like a sleepover in Chile!

Mom, I ALREADY recieved your package. It got in here 13 days. Can you believe that? Fastest thing EVER. THANK YOU. Love everything inside :)The hot tamales may already be gone..... ha!

And yes, Tuesdays we receive letters on Tuesdays and district meetings!

I learned why in South America they greet with a kiss on the check.... read 1 Thes. 5:26. Everyone should abide by this rule.

This week we´ve been really focusing on getting down the first lesson, it´s going good. Not where I want to be yet, but it´s only been 2 weeks! Gotta have patience and faith that it´ll come :) But it´s really good to master because it´s what you teach the most.

Ok, the music here.... when singing with Chileans. Awful. ha. Really, bad. But it´s ok. They all sing their hearts out, I just need to volunteer to try to play the piano, at least the right hand so people are in the same key! ha

Robs... start finding music to put on your ipod now, it´s the best to have a great variety of all :)

Ok, in Seminary we played this game called. ¨quien es su papi?¨ I´m sure Skye can explain it to you. But us Hna´s are in charge of teaching the lesson tomorrow in our zone and district meeting and we´re gonna play it! The elders are gonna LOVE it. ha!

Really this week has been good. Missionary work is different than I thought it would be. But it´s good. Really, I love it. It´s weird to think I´m gonna be doing it until next August or September, but it´s just gonna FLY by. It´s a lot of finding people and talking to EVERYONE. That is the way to find people, just talk. But I love it. I´ve learned a lot about working with people and especially the members. I challenge all of you to OFFER to go out with the missionaries to a lesson. They are always needing members and really pray and think about people to refer to them. Members are the BEST tool to finding people to teach. Really, one lesson, they´ll ask you to bare your testimony probably. We can all do that. It´s such a blessing to the missionaries, the investigator, and to you!

The rest of today consists of groceries, back to the house, we want to play ping-pong in the church so if we have time we´ll do that. Write some letters maybe.... I just feel like it´ll take FOREVER to get letters to the states. but I should do it anyways. Maybe to the MTC buddies :)

Tonight we´re doing a Noche de Hogar (FHE) with the Obispo and fam with Marista (baptism date) NDH are the best. Super fun. We´re taking rootbeer and ice cream to do rootbeer floats. ha! Should be rather tasty.

I just sent off some pics so I hope you got them!

Well, love you family! I really appreciate all the love and support I get from you everyday. Seriously, I can feel it. Makes is so much easier to work hard and keep going when I have a supportive family. The Church is true. Jesus Christ Lives, We have the priesthood on the earth today, what a great blessing. Joseph Smith was a prophet who restored this wonderful church. we are blessed and lucky to have it! Missionary work is the work of God and he blesses those who try their hardest to do so!

Love you all, miss you and think and pray for you everyday!

Keep Smiling!

Hermana Sargent

Hna. Riggs and I :)

Intercambio companion- this area was a lot more campo, like fieldish. A little poorer than my area, but i Loved it.

Tiny turtle

Just another turtle pic.... hahaha

Familia Pucshell. The younger guy got baptized before I got here and then they have 2 inactivos. just a little visit with them!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ok, let me just start by saying I LOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEED skyping yesterday. I always think it´ll make me homesick but it never ever does. I´m always just so happy afterward. I think it helps that we´ve had so many missionaries in our fam so it´s like, oh they´ve all done this…. I can do it! It was sooo fun! I felt like I was talking the whole time and couldn´t even ask you all questions, but I hope everyone is well. I assumed so by the looks and comments of everyone. So great.

I love Chile. I don´t know why, but any other culture other than USA I just love. I love our culture too, but others are just kind and humble. I need to be more like that. But seriously it´s great. The food, the people, the eathquakes (there was a TREMOR yesterday) I FORGOT to tell you. We were just studying and all of a sudden it was shaking and then it was over. Only for like 1.5 seconds. Kinda weird. They did kinda talk to us and told us to get next to a table or something if it was bad, not under though b/c then it would crush us. But we´ll be fine. The Lord is blessing us!

Hna Riggs, as you all know is la MEJOR. We just get along well. We were both talking last night how we just feel like we are friends from before. Just normal. It isn´t ever wierd, she doesn´t bug me, it´s just good! She´s great and she LOVED seeing all of you. She told me to tell you today that she forgot to say ¨my spanish is good¨ ahahhaa. She´s kind. ha!

Well, I feel like you know all I was gonna tell you, so now I´ll just write other random things I guess!

First things first.... our goal for this change is to find a FAMILY to baptize. We just want a family with leadership skills and everything just to lead the ward. We are praying for it, so if you want to as well, that´d be great.

Also, we are focusing a lot in our mission on finding inactives and stregthening the members. So we have planned Noche de Hogars (family home evenings) and we´ll bring an investigator or inactive and then do a lesson and game and then treat! It´s fun. We had a couple this past week.

I can´t believe how many people are inactive here. I ALWAYS heard it, but just never believed it I guess. Everyone I feel like knows someone who is inactive or we find people who are. It´s good though. Sad but good people to find!

On the street we always have to make enough contacts, our goal in the mission is 140 a week. So when people are walking by we always say hi and try to talk to them, but sometimes they don´t want to talk because they know who we are! So we´ve done something different... hahaha. I drop my pen right in front of them so it´s easier to talk to them and not let them run away. Hasn´t really worked yet, but I´ve only done it a couple times.... I have faith though it´ll work! hahaha

Dad, our streets for the church are Condell Norte and Roma, thats the capilla. My area is right around there! I wish I knew more streets but those are the ones of the capilla. Get on, go to tools, then maps, type in Villa Norte. It´s the 2nd one listed. Then you can zoom in and find my actual area and stuff! Didn´t know it had it on there! But now you can search away! If you go to the top right you can make it satellite and everything!

Mom, my mission has a blog. It´s Check it. I´m featured! ha!
Also mom, did you get my mothers day package with letters and stuff? Hope you enjoyed them!
Also, did you get a box with my straightner and hairdryer and stuff?? I hope it made it to you!

Night times here are deserted and it´s not really allowed to knock doors or contact people on the street because of safety, so we like to have a lesson at least 8 or 830 so we aren´t just walking...

Our schedule here in our mission is different. We go to bed at 11 and wake up at 7. It´s because everything in South America is later so it´s good. Get home at 9:30 and then plan and then have an hour or sometimes less to do whatever!

At nights though, I´m so hungry. We eat lunch with the members at 1:30, but we don´t do dinner here because they really don´t eat it. They just eat at like 8 a snack, but we don´t do that because it interrupts teaching times and stuff. So I get home and am hungry but don´t eat b/c I´m just gonna go to bed. I need to buy healthy snacks or something today.

Our investigators. The ones I told you about yesterday who were all ready for church but didn´t go because of their son. SO SAD. But I REALLY hope they come next week. The Obispo is gonna talk to their son and we´re gonna continue to teach them. Another one is Jean, he has been being taught for a while, and he likes what he is hearing but he said last week, he is getting bored just praying because he doesn´t really believe in God or anything like that and he hasn´t recieved his answer, but ALL the things he is describing to us, is the SPIRIT. Ah, he just doesn’t want it to be or something, I don´t know. Hopefully we can keep progressing with him.

There is this one family, the Magali family. They have a daughter who is 11 and is SUPER SMART. She just gets it. Her dad seems to have interest, but not sure. We go back on Tuesday so I´m excited. They are really great. I hope they can progress. Not sure where the mom is, I think seperated. But we want to get them baptism dates this week. Hopefully it´ll work out!

Oh I was reading in Mosiah 15 this morning and mom I thought of you. verse 30, just the FIRST line= there is singing in heaven. There has to be, and how I interpreted it was that they just break out in song when they are joyful. ha! All the time I guess. Your dream is coming true! :)

Well, I love you all family! You´re so great. I still have about 30 minutes so I´ll probably be on. I can´t think of anything else to write, I´m sure next week will fly by because the week will not be as new and I won´t have JUST talked to you about 18 hours ago. Really though, the mission is so great. I already love it. I have seen how it can be hard, like this week, we have had lots of investigators fall through or people we´ll have to drop, but I just can´t get down and let it effect me. Maybe since I just got here we´re supposed to start fresh and new or something! Who knows. I´m just gonna always work my best, rely on the Lord, and smile :)

Everyday the Gospel just amazes me. I learn more and more, everyday. I love the time I have to learn and ponder and teach. I can´t wait to be REALLY FLUENT in spanish and really be able to communicate ALL my feeling on this restored gospel. I can´t wait for Robbie to be on a mission. It´s gonna be so good and he will be AMAZING wherever he goes. (hopefully Spanish speaking :) ) Well, love you all. Hope all is well. Loved seeing all your beautiful faces yesterday. Next time I see them will be Christmas. So weird. It´ll fly by!

Anywho, I´m off. P-day. Gonna go to the grocery and then back to the house and who knows, write letters, bake banana bread or something :)

Love you all, I am happy.

Keep Smiling,
Hermana Sargent

Hna Riggs and I at the mission office

Hna Riggs and I first day at mission home

Un calle en mi area


Study room, Hna Riggs and I

The beds in our front room. Mine is far left!

 Right when you open the front door

The kitchen- only one with an OVEN! I have to take advantage.

Front of house :)

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Yes the subject line is true... 5 elders cry. And not from laughing can you beleive it? We'll get to that later though! ha

First things first.... holy package and letter load this week. Cookies, cranberry bars, popcorn, cinnamon bears, airplane travel food, pictures, letters, I have BEEN SPOILED. I can't even believe it. ha! Really though, so happy. Thank you for all that sent me stuff! My district and roommates enjoyed it, as well as I. Mom, pretty sure I've downed a whole bag of popcorn solo.... oooops. LOVE IT!!

Ok, today is our p-day and we just got back from eating sack breakfasts as a picnic with our district. So fun. I can't think of any other 19 year old boys that would sit outside and eat breakfast with Hna. Dapper and I. I seriously love them SO much. I was telling Hna. Dapper last night, I never have felt this kind of love for anyone like them. Obviously I love SO mnay people, but it's different love. I don't know.

Everyone this week has asked how I am feeling about leaving... this are my two emotions. STOKED and sad. Stoked for obvious reasons, and sad. I will miss the people here like crazy! Hopefully the goodbye isn't too sad. But I'm not nervous, AT ALL right now. I just know this is what the Lord wants me to do and He will bless me SO much for doing this. I just am really excited to go see how the mission really is. Meet my mission pres, my comp, know my area, everything.

Yesterday we had what is called "In Field Orientation" It's just for all the people leaving next week and we just learned lots about working with members, finding investigators, ect. It was really fun and very useful. I hope I can take what I learned and apply it.

It was also Hna. Dappers b-day yesterday. Thank you all who wrote her! She was very loved and recieved SO many letters. I think she enjoyed her day. I decorated her bed Thursday Night for her mom and then Friday she had presents to open, the district got her a card, m&ms and cute notecards. She just felt loved all day so I was happy about that!

Ok, so I sang last Sunday in Sacrament meeting. Come Thou Fount (KG's CD) It went super well. I made 4 elders CRY. Yes, 4! They all came up to me after and said, I haven't cried at all since I've been here and that got to me... thank you. It made me feel good, and to be honest, I wasn't all that nervous singing either. My zone is so tight that it was just like... who cares, they'll love it even if it's awful. ha! One elder in my district, Elder Estiva, was like you have a super silky smooth voice, it's nice... haha. Oh little elders.

Also this week Hna. Dapper and I were nominated and chosen to do a teaching experience for the new missionaries on Wed. night. Basically, we just walk in a room and start talking to the investigator like a normal lesson, "getting to know you, religious background, expectaions,ect" then we'd start teaching something super basic and they'd cut us off and we'd leave and the new missionaries would finish teaching. It was fun, probably about 30-40 missionaries in the room and an investigator and we'd just teach, in English. It was a super neat experience to be chosen to actually teach for the new missionaries. Our teachers nominated us, and they selected us. I feel like it was my first "real investigator" b/c some our memebers and others not, so it seemed more real than just teaching a teacher or something.

Anywho, Monday night we had a meeting for it with the other 8 companionships that were chosen and we did a practice with the other companionships. So I was teaching this one elder, who was acting like a friend from home who doesn't have the gospel, and just talking about how God loves all of us and wants to hear from us and that we can feel comforted in times of sadness, loneliness,ect.... after about 7 mintues they stopped us, and he was giving feedback and this elder got big tears in his eyes and said "I wish I could take a recording of what you just said to me and send it to my friend, I think he'd listen to the Gospel if he heard what you just told me". Wow. Then he asked "what did you have in your head to share when you came over to me, how were you thinking?" I just told him, I didn't have a set plan, I was just gonna try to "get to know you" (as the investigator) and go from there and what the Spirit told me to do. It was a neat experience, I told him to write it in a letter to his friend and that would help just as much as words. He was like, super grateful for my message and wanted to learn how I did it. Hopefully, people have that kind of reaction in Chile!! So that makes the 5th elder cry.... haha!

Oh, they have records in the gym of like, wall sits, b-ball stuff, mile times, ect. I broke one! They have different columns for elders and sisters and the record for 3 pointers for sisters was only 3, and I was like, surely I can get at least 4, so i tried... I got 5! And now, my name will be on the wall as long as nobody else breaks it! hahaha 5 isn't all that many but oh well.

I was a HOST this week for the new missionaries. SO fun. It's so great to share with these new missionaries how much I have loved and grown here at the MTC. They all seemed a little nervous, but really, so great! ha!

Monday, I am excited to call. Parents, let Robbie miss school. That day is POINTLESS for seniors. Trust me. Plus, this is like one of the last times I'll be able to talk to him before he leaves.... :)

Hna Dapper and I learned a lesson about prayer this week. We went to teach a investigator, just a substitute teacher, because this week our teachers have been gone (out of town) so we've had subs... anywho, we go to teach this investigator and as soon as I knock on the door I said "Shoot, we forgot to pray" but at this point it was too late to do it now so we just were like... oh well. We taught our lesson and to be honest, all the material and lesson points were great, but we were just both not really into it. Just kinda blah... afterwards we were talking to a teacher who was observing and we realized it's b/c we didn't pray and how we both knew if we prayed it would have been SO much better. Lesson learned. Always Pray.

OH MY WORD. The elders in our district this week sang "As Sisters in Zion" in Falseto and Spanish. It was HILARIOUS. Talk about bringing the Spirit through music... right? ha! No, honetsly, it was SO AWFUL. We got it on video... maybe I can mail it sometime or Hna. Dappers mom might mail it to you. ha. SO FUNNY.

Also, last Friday night we were in class and Elder Ferrell did this weird creature/ cartoon/mouse like movement and only Hna. Dapper and I saw and we didn't even know the other one saw and we both looked at each other and LOST it. For about 10 minutes, tears streaming down our faces, it was SO funny. I just couldn't breath and we couldn't even explain it to anyone... you just had to see it....

Shauna, mormon bachelor... ahhahahaa! I wish I could see your video. Keep me updated on what happens with that. Glad you finally did it.

Do you have any questions that I could ask my Mission Pres in my first interview.... anything I should know. Think of them and let me know on Monday when we talk.

I leave the MTC at 6:00 and will probably be in through security by 7:45-8 at the LASTEST so I'll have about 2 hours so I'll call you sometime in between then. Anyone gonna be on speaker or just mom, dad, and robs? I know Shauna has expressed interest of being on speaker or 3 way or something. That'd be great.. I don't really care! If people are DYING to hear, that's fine with me. Not sure how long I can talk, but hopefully for at least 20 mintues and then again in LAX for 10 or so... we'll see.

Well, today I am going to the Temple. Session with my district, laundry, packing, ect. Should be good! Can't wait.

Well, love you family. Thanks for all your love and support.

Can't wait to talk Monday.

Until then,

Keep smiling,

Hermana Sargent

Friday, May 4, 2012

First things first.... I GOT MY TRAVEL PLANS YESTERDAY. Seriously, SO happy about it :) I was like a kid on Christmas morning.

I leave the MTC May 7 at 6:00am then flight out at 10:05 from SLC fly to LAX leave there at 1:25 and then fly all the way straight to Santiago and arrive at 5:40am. On American Airlines.

I'm not really sure how calling will work. I have heard only 10-15 minutes and there are tons of people leaving that day but hopefully I can get a phone call in in SLC and then another in LAX. I bought a phone card today so that's good! I'm SO excited though. I love the MTC, but once I got the plans I really felt like it was real. I'm acutally leaving! The elders going to Chile in my district are all on the same flight as me and then I know of 2 other sisters going to my mission that are with me as well. So, I should have a fun group to fly with.

Well, family, it sounds like you are all doing SO good. Real busy with graduation, end of years fiestas, ect. Robbie.... or should I say, HARRY! SO HAPPY that you got your solo. I'm jealous that everyone will get to hear it except me, maybe when I call for Mothers day you can sing a little of it for me. You'll do great. Have so much confidence in you!

Thank you, thank you for letters and pacakges. Jac, your "graduation" package came yesterday and it was PERFECT becasue we got our travel plans so that was just super fun. Everyone wore the graduation caps for class all day and the signs are up in the room and cookies have been eaten. Thanks! So fun. Scott and Lynell sent some Taffy that was delicious, and mom...banana bread. Oh man! Uou know me super well. That backpack is PERFECT and the socks and everything. THANK YOU!

Well, lets see.... this week we've had some great speakers come, once again.

In Relief Society Sunday, Ann Dibbs (Pres Monson’s daughter) spoke to us. Pretty cool and super good!!

Then, on Tuesday... druuuuuummmmmm roooool. Yes, another Apostle. Can you beleive it??? Russel M. Nelson.

It was wonderful. He talked aobut 9 doctrines of our gospel that us as missionaries need to know. I wish I had time to write all my notes, but I don't.

Elder Nelson has/had my dream job. Heart Surgeon, and now he just travels and did travel. Ugh, lucky man!! hahaha

Really though, we've heard from 4 apostles here plus General Conference, it's amazing. I can't beleive it.

So, we got a new schedule this week. The whole MTC did. They just switch it up for teachers sake really so people have a chance to teach and go to school. It's not bad, i kinda like the change. Also, next week, my P-day is on Saturday because it's my last week so we have training all day Friday. So I'll write sometime Saturday. Kinda a bummer because I won't hear back unless you're on the comp, but I get to talk to you MONDAY!!! :)

This past week the outdoor field opened so during gym we can go there... our WHOLE zone had a game of softball. It was beyond fun. I felt like I wasn't even at the MTC and I was just playing on a spring day with my besties. Tan divertido. We all still are talking about it because it was that good. The elders don't think that us hermanas can play though... there was a fly ball right to me and it was high so I had myself all positioned and I could hear this other elder running towards me like I wasn't gonna catch it.... come on!! So after I did catch it, I gave him a hard time being like "no puede creer que you puede jugar softball" jajaja he just said "just making sure that I had you covered" Silly elders.

A district from my zone didn't recieve their Visas to Argentina so they've all been reassigned. Hna. Alhmann (my bestie) got reassigned to Chicago. She leaves Monday and is super excited. It'll be sad to see their district leave because we're all just friends. Really, can't wait to go to all the elders homecomings after the mish cause I'll be at BYU, but it's good cause we only leave a week after! Our zone is special here. I have not heard or seen of a zone like ours. We're just REALLY close. Sit together at every meal, gym time together, study outside together, it's just great.

Mom, biggest loser updates, totally appropriate, it give me motivation to work out so I can score my dream job and work on the biggest loser ranch un dia :) haha, keep it coming!

Spiritual thought for the week: Ether 12:27.... we've all read it multiple times I'm sure. But I LOVE it. We were discussing it as a class this past week and the word weakness=sin. And we need to humble ourselves before Christ to utilize the Atonement (couldn't think of that word in English for a second) We cannot overcome our weakness (sins) sin Cristo. It's SO important that we realize the importance of la Expiacion and that we use it. Daily. We will become more and more like Christ when we use the Atonement. It is here for us and we are SO lucky to have it. Everyone needs this gift in the world and Christ and God want us to use it. Tan importante. Also, this was the last chapter Joseph Smith read before he was shot!

Also this week, I learned lots about the Plan of Salvation, ok, I never realized that people in the two lowest kingdom live solo, without any family. Obviously it makes sense but so sad, why would ANYONE want that. We have this knowledge, we know how to make it to the Celestial. Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Holy Ghost, and Endure to the End. It was just another testimony to me that the Atonement needs to be used. We are NOT perfect and we must repent to make it with our families.

I am singing in Sacrament Meeting Sunday. Hopefully it goes well. Singing Come Thou Fount from Kristin's CD. friday is Hna. Dappers 23rd b-day. I'm thinking, whoever wants to.... just send her a dearelder... I wish I had all of her info, but I forgot it. I think you can send it without it. She's going to Dallas Texas, leaving 05.07 and her mailbox is 102. Not sure what else you need. I think it'd be fun for her to get lots of dearelders from people just wishing her a happy b-day. So if you could remember that'd be GREAT! nothing too long, just something short.

Well family, I think that's all for this week. I am so happy that I am leaving soon, I love the MTC but I'm just ready to see the light in peoples eyes in Chile when they actually understand why this gospel is so important. I know this church is true. Everyday my testimony grows more and more.

Love you all. Pray for you always.

Keep Smiling,
Hermana Sargent