Thursday, April 19, 2012

I can't beleive its P-day again. Seriously, time is FLYING!!! ahhh... can't beleive it. It's a great thing, but kinda sad too. I love it here.
Lets just start...
Last Friday (dad will like this) I was playing speed/bump with elders in the gym. We played 3 games, I won EVERYONE. And we played one from the 3 point line. I was on fire. I was pretty proud of myself.. not gonna lie, just gotta brag about that a little. The elders are still talking about it... ahhaha!
Last sunday was SO GREAT.
So to start out... funny thing. Us sisters always sit by each other in Sacrament meeting, but there were more chairs by us. So two elders (Eaton and Ferrell) come sit on our row, but leave one seat in between me and them. So i was like... "do I smell?" and they were like... no, it's just awkward to initiate sitting by the hermanas. So we gave them a hard time about that. So funny.
Then last Sunday night there was a fireside. AMAZING. Guess who was there.... Elder M. Russel Ballard. WHAT UP?? Seriously amazing. I feel so blessed that I have had so many wonderful opprotunities to hear from all these apostles of the Lord. It's amazing. They honestly have such a spirit about them and we all know what that is. They are truly servants of the Lord. He spoke just on our purpose as a missionary and how in 3 nep 11, the commandment to be baptized is mentioned 13 times. Within like 15 verses or so. Its amazing, because it really is our purpose to bring people to bapitsm. That’s why I am here and I love love love it. Then, to top that off, Elder Archuleta sang The Spirit of God. (2nd verse in Spanish) I would venture to say that there were very few dry eyes in that auditorium. He sang with the Spirit of God and even got choked up a little bit. TAN FUERTE el Espiritu that evening. Ah, I wrote like 2 full pages in my journal about it and I hope I never forget the spirit that was there.
Also on Sunday, after the Temple walk there were protestors outside the MTC. So funny. All these elders were talking to them, which I think is dumb, but i was like.... you realize you are protesting outside the missionary training center, don't you? So funny.
Oh my, on Monday night at 1:30 am the FIRE ALARM went off in my residencia. It went off and I was really confused at first so I put my hand over my ear and tried to go back to sleep, but then I saw my roommate get up to look at the clock and we all decided we should probably leave the buiding because it's 1:30 in the morning. It was no fire, but we didn't know that at the time. Just some electrical issue, but it was super hard falling back to sleep after that because I was thinking the worst case senarios, like "someone pulled the alarm, and the security guards all came to us, and then people snuck into the mtc, yada yada yada" lets just say, not the best night of slumber here. But all is well now. No creepy lurkers around the MTC. Thank goodness.
Funny Spanish messup of the week: In our class the other day an other goes "Que es un abrazo?" (what is a hug?) I don't even know why he was saying it but I answer "usted sabe, un abrazo con sus piernas" (you know a hug with your legs) EVERYONE LOST IT. I know the difference between legs and arms is in Spanish, but my brain just switched them up. It was SO funny. Also, my elders found out my least favorite word somehow (the "M" word) and they sometimes tease me about it... no bueno. haha Man, the things we laugh at in the MTC. Classic.
I receieved 13 dear elders one day this past week and all the elders that evening were calling me "hermana trece" (sister 13) so funny. I got lots of fun letters though. That weird SLC tribune article, Aunt suzanne, Kenny, Kristin G&G, Dyan, Q, Makenna, robs, dad, mom, lots more.... This week I also got a cinco de mayo package from the Gleaves (THANK YOU) and also paradise bakery cookies from Shauna. (my district/zone loves you, as do I) SO Thank you for the letters and also the support friends and family. I appreciate it. (Tell MADIOSN to send me a wedding invite...please!!!)
Robs, I ran into Matt reister, he says Hi. He came up to me and was like “are you related to Robbie Sargent.” Ya, he is my hermanito.
Oh, we teach members in the TRC and on Saturday the person we were teaching would NOT stop talking. Pretty sure Hrna Dapper and I said 45 words, together. He just kept going off. At one point I closed my LDM and he goes, "oh, no estoy terminado" (I'm not done) I wanted to say... Who is the missionary??? But I didn't. I was nice!
Ok, spiritual thought of the week. I was reading in Moroni 8:28 this week and the first line of that verse is BOMB. You can relate it to anyone of a higher authority telling you to pray for your investigators. Read it. Relate it. It’s amazing!
Next week our schedule is changing so I think my p-day is gonna be on Friday until I leave. Heads up. If I don't write, I'm alive!
Anywho, I am STOKED to get to Chile and teach people about the Gospel. Seriously the more I study, the more I love. It's amazing. El sacerdocio de Dios es en el tierra hoy. Remember when I challenged all of you to find your one sentence testimony?? I think I have decided that's mine. The priesthood of God is on the earth today. Without it, nothing would run in our church. We wouldn't have one. So thank you priesthood holders in my life to be worthy to hold such a great power and blessing from God! Anywho, love my time here and am SO grateful I made the decision to go on a mission. My life will never be the same!
Abrazos a todos (con piernas),
Hermana Sargent

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