Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hello Family and Friends,

This week has been another great week at the MTC!

First things first: EASTER.

Such a wonderful way to celebrate the Resurrection of Christ with Boyd K. Packer here speaking to us. He really just talked lots about what we are going to be teaching people in order for them to be resurrected. So wonderful. The power of the Apostles is just SO strong. Wow. Do you know he has pollio? I just though he was getting old so he always sat. He had it as a kid, and then it came back in his 80's. Crazy huh? But it was SO neat. Ah, it was a huge sacrament meeting with all the MTC and just that spirit was really amazing to feel with all the missionaries and an Apostle taking the sacrament together!

I had a really neat expereience during that though, I was just sitting there in the sacrament and thinking and Grandma and Grandpa Sargent popped into my head and I just got the MOST overwhelming feeling that they were proud of where I was, and what I was doing right that very moment. It almost made me cry. I just thought to myself, they are probably doing the same thing I am in the Spirit world. It was a really neat experience to say the least and definitely made my testimony for the Plan of Salvation grow.

Mom, you asked about Pres Evans (branch pres) he has GROWN on me. We get along well. I actually had an interview with him on Sunday, just like a getting to know you better thing... He was super nice. I like him and everyday I like him more... no worries there :) hopefully he doesn't read the blog... ha!

Ok, funny story of the week... SO at desayuno the whole zone sits together and towards the end of breakfast the seat across from me was empty and this random elder came and sat there and just was like "Hello Hna. Sargent" (very flambouently). I was nice and talked to him and the whole time I was thinking.... Do I know this kid?? No, I didn't. Anyways... he goes on and is talking to me about the most random things... like...

Random elder: My favorite store in Tempe.

Me: What is it?

Him: Some toy store.... but you don't seem too hipster so you probably wouldn't know it.

Me: Ya, I'm not really into toys (like being hipster has ANYTHING to do with it)

Anyways then he starts going off at how he is jealous there are Mexicans in my zone because he loves them and he is from Tuscon so he has best friends that are Mexicans.
I was just talking to him normally and then he leaves.
My entire ZONE starts cracking up and I'm like "WHO KNOWS THIS KID? AND WHY WAS NOBODY HELPING ME DURING THAT AWKWARD CONVERSATION?" they were all dying because they were listening the whole time but didn't want to help me out in any way. It's been a joke b/c it was like this elder had a purpose to only talk to me so that's what he did. He was nice, just so weird. I have luckily not seen him since. I think he may have left... really just super random! hahaa

The Tempe YSA 4th ward all sent me letters. They did it for FHE one night. Super nice to receive letters, even if I don't know who they all are.

Also, got a letter from Aunt Lynell. Thank you! I appreciate it lots :)

This past Tuesday for Devo we had Bishop McMullin (former member of the presiding bishopric). He talked lots about just the basic first Article of Faith which is so important as missionaries because so many people have a different understanding of that. It was super good :)

Ok, an elder in our zone has this joke with bananas and it's just kinda a whole zone thing now, you won't get it and no time to explain it all. Maybe in a letter I mail home. Anyways, Hna Hinton (my roommate) had her mom, who lives in Provo, mail a box of ONLY BANANAS to this kid. It was seriously hilarious. I wish you all could have seen it. No return address or anything. Just bananas. We told him it was from the hna's after a while. So great. hahaha.

I love love love getting letters from everyone! I usually get them after dinner and read some, or see who they are from and then either read them again when I go home at night or read them for the first time. My district is still amazed because I have usually 3 a day :) I always tell them, "todos los personas tienen mucho amor para mi" (all the people have lots of love for me) hahaha

Well, time is ticking... most stressful part of the MTC is emailing for only 30 mintues a whole weeks worth of stuff! ahhhhhh. But it makes me SO happy to think of all you reading it.

Shauna, thank you for the muddy buddies!!! :)

Sounds like you're all doing so wonderful and Easter sounded super festive! Kenny and Kayla, GET BETTER. you guys need to be sick free in that household. Sounds like you're on the mend though.
You too Jac.... everyone, NO SICKNESS!! :) as dad would say. Take advil, a glass of agua, and go to bed. haha!

Hope Jac and Skye had good days and felt celebrated!

Well family. I love you all. I'm SO happy here at the MTC. The church is true. I know it and everyday my testimony gets stronger from learning and being here.

Love you all SO much. Thanks for the support and letter and prayers. I feel them and pray for all of you daily :)

Keep smiling,

Hermana Sargent

p.s. Yes, Elder Archuleta and I are still friends. Just got through eating lunch with him!!

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