Thursday, April 19, 2012

I can't beleive its P-day again. Seriously, time is FLYING!!! ahhh... can't beleive it. It's a great thing, but kinda sad too. I love it here.
Lets just start...
Last Friday (dad will like this) I was playing speed/bump with elders in the gym. We played 3 games, I won EVERYONE. And we played one from the 3 point line. I was on fire. I was pretty proud of myself.. not gonna lie, just gotta brag about that a little. The elders are still talking about it... ahhaha!
Last sunday was SO GREAT.
So to start out... funny thing. Us sisters always sit by each other in Sacrament meeting, but there were more chairs by us. So two elders (Eaton and Ferrell) come sit on our row, but leave one seat in between me and them. So i was like... "do I smell?" and they were like... no, it's just awkward to initiate sitting by the hermanas. So we gave them a hard time about that. So funny.
Then last Sunday night there was a fireside. AMAZING. Guess who was there.... Elder M. Russel Ballard. WHAT UP?? Seriously amazing. I feel so blessed that I have had so many wonderful opprotunities to hear from all these apostles of the Lord. It's amazing. They honestly have such a spirit about them and we all know what that is. They are truly servants of the Lord. He spoke just on our purpose as a missionary and how in 3 nep 11, the commandment to be baptized is mentioned 13 times. Within like 15 verses or so. Its amazing, because it really is our purpose to bring people to bapitsm. That’s why I am here and I love love love it. Then, to top that off, Elder Archuleta sang The Spirit of God. (2nd verse in Spanish) I would venture to say that there were very few dry eyes in that auditorium. He sang with the Spirit of God and even got choked up a little bit. TAN FUERTE el Espiritu that evening. Ah, I wrote like 2 full pages in my journal about it and I hope I never forget the spirit that was there.
Also on Sunday, after the Temple walk there were protestors outside the MTC. So funny. All these elders were talking to them, which I think is dumb, but i was like.... you realize you are protesting outside the missionary training center, don't you? So funny.
Oh my, on Monday night at 1:30 am the FIRE ALARM went off in my residencia. It went off and I was really confused at first so I put my hand over my ear and tried to go back to sleep, but then I saw my roommate get up to look at the clock and we all decided we should probably leave the buiding because it's 1:30 in the morning. It was no fire, but we didn't know that at the time. Just some electrical issue, but it was super hard falling back to sleep after that because I was thinking the worst case senarios, like "someone pulled the alarm, and the security guards all came to us, and then people snuck into the mtc, yada yada yada" lets just say, not the best night of slumber here. But all is well now. No creepy lurkers around the MTC. Thank goodness.
Funny Spanish messup of the week: In our class the other day an other goes "Que es un abrazo?" (what is a hug?) I don't even know why he was saying it but I answer "usted sabe, un abrazo con sus piernas" (you know a hug with your legs) EVERYONE LOST IT. I know the difference between legs and arms is in Spanish, but my brain just switched them up. It was SO funny. Also, my elders found out my least favorite word somehow (the "M" word) and they sometimes tease me about it... no bueno. haha Man, the things we laugh at in the MTC. Classic.
I receieved 13 dear elders one day this past week and all the elders that evening were calling me "hermana trece" (sister 13) so funny. I got lots of fun letters though. That weird SLC tribune article, Aunt suzanne, Kenny, Kristin G&G, Dyan, Q, Makenna, robs, dad, mom, lots more.... This week I also got a cinco de mayo package from the Gleaves (THANK YOU) and also paradise bakery cookies from Shauna. (my district/zone loves you, as do I) SO Thank you for the letters and also the support friends and family. I appreciate it. (Tell MADIOSN to send me a wedding invite...please!!!)
Robs, I ran into Matt reister, he says Hi. He came up to me and was like “are you related to Robbie Sargent.” Ya, he is my hermanito.
Oh, we teach members in the TRC and on Saturday the person we were teaching would NOT stop talking. Pretty sure Hrna Dapper and I said 45 words, together. He just kept going off. At one point I closed my LDM and he goes, "oh, no estoy terminado" (I'm not done) I wanted to say... Who is the missionary??? But I didn't. I was nice!
Ok, spiritual thought of the week. I was reading in Moroni 8:28 this week and the first line of that verse is BOMB. You can relate it to anyone of a higher authority telling you to pray for your investigators. Read it. Relate it. It’s amazing!
Next week our schedule is changing so I think my p-day is gonna be on Friday until I leave. Heads up. If I don't write, I'm alive!
Anywho, I am STOKED to get to Chile and teach people about the Gospel. Seriously the more I study, the more I love. It's amazing. El sacerdocio de Dios es en el tierra hoy. Remember when I challenged all of you to find your one sentence testimony?? I think I have decided that's mine. The priesthood of God is on the earth today. Without it, nothing would run in our church. We wouldn't have one. So thank you priesthood holders in my life to be worthy to hold such a great power and blessing from God! Anywho, love my time here and am SO grateful I made the decision to go on a mission. My life will never be the same!
Abrazos a todos (con piernas),
Hermana Sargent

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hello Family and Friends,

This week has been another great week at the MTC!

First things first: EASTER.

Such a wonderful way to celebrate the Resurrection of Christ with Boyd K. Packer here speaking to us. He really just talked lots about what we are going to be teaching people in order for them to be resurrected. So wonderful. The power of the Apostles is just SO strong. Wow. Do you know he has pollio? I just though he was getting old so he always sat. He had it as a kid, and then it came back in his 80's. Crazy huh? But it was SO neat. Ah, it was a huge sacrament meeting with all the MTC and just that spirit was really amazing to feel with all the missionaries and an Apostle taking the sacrament together!

I had a really neat expereience during that though, I was just sitting there in the sacrament and thinking and Grandma and Grandpa Sargent popped into my head and I just got the MOST overwhelming feeling that they were proud of where I was, and what I was doing right that very moment. It almost made me cry. I just thought to myself, they are probably doing the same thing I am in the Spirit world. It was a really neat experience to say the least and definitely made my testimony for the Plan of Salvation grow.

Mom, you asked about Pres Evans (branch pres) he has GROWN on me. We get along well. I actually had an interview with him on Sunday, just like a getting to know you better thing... He was super nice. I like him and everyday I like him more... no worries there :) hopefully he doesn't read the blog... ha!

Ok, funny story of the week... SO at desayuno the whole zone sits together and towards the end of breakfast the seat across from me was empty and this random elder came and sat there and just was like "Hello Hna. Sargent" (very flambouently). I was nice and talked to him and the whole time I was thinking.... Do I know this kid?? No, I didn't. Anyways... he goes on and is talking to me about the most random things... like...

Random elder: My favorite store in Tempe.

Me: What is it?

Him: Some toy store.... but you don't seem too hipster so you probably wouldn't know it.

Me: Ya, I'm not really into toys (like being hipster has ANYTHING to do with it)

Anyways then he starts going off at how he is jealous there are Mexicans in my zone because he loves them and he is from Tuscon so he has best friends that are Mexicans.
I was just talking to him normally and then he leaves.
My entire ZONE starts cracking up and I'm like "WHO KNOWS THIS KID? AND WHY WAS NOBODY HELPING ME DURING THAT AWKWARD CONVERSATION?" they were all dying because they were listening the whole time but didn't want to help me out in any way. It's been a joke b/c it was like this elder had a purpose to only talk to me so that's what he did. He was nice, just so weird. I have luckily not seen him since. I think he may have left... really just super random! hahaa

The Tempe YSA 4th ward all sent me letters. They did it for FHE one night. Super nice to receive letters, even if I don't know who they all are.

Also, got a letter from Aunt Lynell. Thank you! I appreciate it lots :)

This past Tuesday for Devo we had Bishop McMullin (former member of the presiding bishopric). He talked lots about just the basic first Article of Faith which is so important as missionaries because so many people have a different understanding of that. It was super good :)

Ok, an elder in our zone has this joke with bananas and it's just kinda a whole zone thing now, you won't get it and no time to explain it all. Maybe in a letter I mail home. Anyways, Hna Hinton (my roommate) had her mom, who lives in Provo, mail a box of ONLY BANANAS to this kid. It was seriously hilarious. I wish you all could have seen it. No return address or anything. Just bananas. We told him it was from the hna's after a while. So great. hahaha.

I love love love getting letters from everyone! I usually get them after dinner and read some, or see who they are from and then either read them again when I go home at night or read them for the first time. My district is still amazed because I have usually 3 a day :) I always tell them, "todos los personas tienen mucho amor para mi" (all the people have lots of love for me) hahaha

Well, time is ticking... most stressful part of the MTC is emailing for only 30 mintues a whole weeks worth of stuff! ahhhhhh. But it makes me SO happy to think of all you reading it.

Shauna, thank you for the muddy buddies!!! :)

Sounds like you're all doing so wonderful and Easter sounded super festive! Kenny and Kayla, GET BETTER. you guys need to be sick free in that household. Sounds like you're on the mend though.
You too Jac.... everyone, NO SICKNESS!! :) as dad would say. Take advil, a glass of agua, and go to bed. haha!

Hope Jac and Skye had good days and felt celebrated!

Well family. I love you all. I'm SO happy here at the MTC. The church is true. I know it and everyday my testimony gets stronger from learning and being here.

Love you all SO much. Thanks for the support and letter and prayers. I feel them and pray for all of you daily :)

Keep smiling,

Hermana Sargent

p.s. Yes, Elder Archuleta and I are still friends. Just got through eating lunch with him!!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Holy fast does the time go!! I can't beleive I am on my 5th week now. So crazy.
I have lots to write so lets just jump right in it!!
1. Mom, thank you thank you thank you for the package for Easter!! I LOVE everything. It was so cute too I even took a picture with it. Seriously, you are the BEST! I love you.
2. I miss giving/getting hugs here... so I have started with my roommates everynight after prayer to give them all hugs. Never really thought I was a huggy person until I came here and don't get any! It's a fun tradition I've started. Think I'll continue it my whole mission if I can.
3. April Fools.....yes, us hermanas did something to the elders in our zone! We moved alll there PMG's and Scriptures around so they had to go find them.... it was pretty funny. Some elders are too serious and didn't appreciate it, but all the elders in my district liked it. And they got us back by completely moving our whole desk out of the room :) It was pretty fun. And Robs, I completely fell for your broken foot joke. hahahaha. Glad it's not true.
4. Elder Archuleta, mom you can keep it on here now since everyone knows he is here after Conference! Yes, he is in my zone and we are becoming friends. Seriously. The other day at lunch we were talking and he was asking what I study and such and then he's like, oh, so that's why you eat SO healthy (mostly salads and wraps) and now if I am by him by meals he asks what’s healhty and stuff... yesterday was Cottage Cheese. hahah! Also, at the gym we are friends as well. We always are stretching in the same place so he always just asking what good things are to do to be warmed up and stuff, and then jogging around the track yesterday we were talking about sports in High School and stuff. It's just funny, he is totally normal to me. Really shy, but he is opening up with me. I do feel bad for him though because people always stop him, I just wanna say... let him be! haha. Really though, tell Suzanne things won’t work out... he is only 5'5 and about half my size and too shy. But friends are GREAT. And he sure does have talent... man, that elder can sing! ha! basically, we're gonna become besties. And he is going to Chile.
5. GENERAL CONFERENCE! I'm so glad that they showed me for you guys. I was trying to Milk my face up a little so they'd show me just for you guys! :) It was an INCREDIBLE expereince. Seriously, words just can't describe it. They Spirit was strong, our songs turned out great, we were only like 50 yds from President Monson and the apostles.... really, amazing. I wish I could describe it better but I don't know what else to say. Really, incredible. I hope you could feel the Spirit through the music... that was our goal. The rest of conference was so great too. I felt like they talked a ton about teaching the gospel in your home. I feel like I've been so blessed by that and hearing how people don't have that, I’ve learned how it is just so important. One of my favs off the top of my head was Uchtdorf. I can't wait for the Liahona to come out to really read/study them .I just love conference and how now I am really appreciating that these men have true inspiration from God and we need to listen to EVERYTHING they say b/c it's what God wants us to do. And how lucky we are to have a prophet on the earth today to guide us. Oh, it just makes sense! Love.
And seeing SHAUNA. Holy cow. BEST THING EVVVVVVVVVVVVVVERRRRRRRRRR!!!!! This is how i felt about it:
So the whole conferenece and after and before I was TOTALLY looking for her. I was like, it'd be So great to at least wave and blow her a kiss or something. But I didn't ever see her so I just figured she couldn't scalp tickets. So I left and honestly I was a little sad and was like, I thought I'd for sure see her after because I knew she'd get as close as possible to see me!
But I was fine and by the time we got to the door outside I had forgotten about it, and I turned the door and BAM!!!! There she WAS. Seriously. I was in mid conversation with another sister and just said "my sister" left and was dogging people to get to her ASAP. We just hugged, hugged, cried with smiles on our faces, hugged more, laughed, talked. I'm so glad she felt like it was SO great. Because for me it was like AMAZING. I just had NO clue that I would even be able to actually touch her, really, I thought maybe a wave and a yell of "I love you" I still think about it and just think it was such a TM. Seriously, no other words to describe it, and if anything it just made me want to do better and work harder. She knows exactly how I feel being in the MTC too so it was just awesome. I can't wait to see the pics she took! Really, so great. God is Kind and really does bless us. Really, it was AMAZING to see her.
6. Keep sending Q's emails. I LOVE them. She is just great. Gives me such inspiration to get to Chile and work :)
7. Is my mission plaque up yet in church? How does it look? ha
8. Each Sunday our district has a companionship talk about our families. It's really great to get to know everyone better but, last Sunday was my turn and I took the picture in from my farewell and passed it around and the first elder goes "how long ago was this taken?" I said "5 weeks or something" and he was like... "what, where are you?" so I pointed to myself and he was like.... "OHHHH, I thought this was you (pointing to Makenna) and it was when you were younger!" it was really funny. But I am so blessed to have a family like you all. So thank you!!
9. Funny thing of this week, there is this teacher who ALWAYS talks to hrn. Dapper and I and he is definitely a "SOG"... anywho, he made us late to class one day this week so I told him he had to come vouch for us that it was his fault, so he did. it was SO funny. I think our teacher was like.... oh hermano. you and the sister missionaries. hahaha... we didn't get in trouble though :) not that we would anyways, just funny.
10. I am still loving the MTC, I am learning a TON. I am really excited though to go to Chile, 05/07/12 is my date I think. I love it here, but I know once I am in Chile my language will just FLY and I'll learn how to teach better and such. I am taking full advantage of the MTC though.... it's special here for sure! I think the biggest challenge for me right now is knowing how to best study the language that will help me teach and communicate with people. Anyone have any suggestions, let me know! But it's not like I can't speak or understand at all, I can do those pretty well... but I just want to keep getting better and not coast, so that's the hardest thing to figure out right now! but I love it.
Well, time is running low, so I best be going, but love you all SO much. Thanks for all the letters and packages and prayers and support. I feel it everyday!! This church is true. Read your scriptures and pray always. Try to become more like Christ and learn about Him. Love the work I am doing. (DC 112:28...look it up)
Love you all,
Hermana Sargent