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Thursday March 15, 2012

Hello Family!

You're all probably wondering why I'm emailing now, but Thursdays are my Pdays. Saturday was just for new people. It's been SO nice for a break from the norm. We went to the temple this morning (and by we, I mean my new comp) and then I've spent a lot of the afternoon with letters, laundry, doing random things! I want to send you guys pictures, but they are taking forever to get back to me so bare with me! Once I get them I will send them!

Ok, first off...MOM! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE PACKAGE! Seriously, so thoughtful to send one before you left for Cabo! What? 3 loaves of Banana Bread. My district loved you!! I still have a loaf for me in my room I will nibble at over the days. They all told me.... "your mom is the best, tell her thank you" (duh she's the best)

Ok. I have gotten so many letters this week my district has started to call me "Hermana Popular" when I get them... haha! But don't stop them I love hearing all about what you're up to! Sound like you guys are enjoying Cabo so much, honestly, I thought I would be jealous all the time when you were there and I was here... but I haven't been at all. So happy you guys could go and enjoy the week. Plus, the weather here has been AMAZING so I can't complain. Shauna, will you dear elder me the weekly forecast of Provo over the weeks. No joke, I like knowing the weather to know what to wear??? Thanks.

Ok, so my new companion. I got one! Yay, and I decided to stay in the intermediate class, I just felt better about it and it's honestly great! We've been teaching a lot more so that stretches my vocab big time! It's not perfect by anymeans, but it's great. My companion: Hermana Dapper. (like draper without the r) She is from Southern Cal Mission Viejo area. She reminds me lots of Meredith Wiscombe with style, personality, so it's no wonder we get along great!! It's seriously so fun to have a companion, I feel more free than I did before just having the elders take me everywhere! And she goes to the morning workout classes so it gives me motivation to go with her! They are awesome. I love them. Makes me so much more energized since we sit a lot here. She's going to Dallas TX, Spanish!

Funny story: Last week, one day after gym, my roommates and I were showering real quick and we ALL got locked out of our rooms. It was really funny because we just had wet hair and all, one was just in her towel, luckily though, another girl in our zone went down and got another key so we could get ready. It's pretty good. Very humorous.

Ok, the elders in my zone are AWESOME! I love them all. Seriously. There are like 2 of them who always "salute" me when I walk by! It just makes me laugh. And, the elders in our zone have started taking our trays after meals so I don't have to go into the nasty gag room. That room is like smelling, hot, and my least favorite word.... moist. EWWWWWWWWWW.

So, I have met two elders that served with Shauna in Paraguay. One stopped me and we were talking, I think it was Evans?? Not sure. But then yesterday this random person stuck his head into my room and looked right at me so I was like "hi" and he was like, Yup, looks just like Hermana Sargent (Shauna) it was funny. I forgot his name though. I'll try to find him and talk to him more. They probably are like, Why is Hermana Sargent back here... 2 missions?? hahahaa

Last Sunday was SO great. Ah, so we have normal meetings in the morning, Relief Society was awesome, we were challenged to work on a one sentecne testimony. Something that you will never falter in. I'm still trying to pick what’s best for me because there are SO many things. But sometimes you only have 30 seconds to share something, so we were challenged to do that. You should all do the same.

Then we had a temple walk. SO nice outside. Way great to be "in the real world" ha. Then I went to Choir that night and they handed out these slips for a "special choir" and you had to write your experience with choirs, awards received, voice lessons ect. Of course I filled one out,.... it has to be conference, don't you think??? I'll keep you updated. I hope I get chosen. I feel like I have a pretty good background in music so I think I have a good chance! I'm hoping if it is conference we get to eat lunch with the Apostles and stuff...long shot. But come on! When does my mind not dream up stuff??

When is Easter???

Ok, questions about my teacher, She is awesome! Hermana Santa Cruz and she's from Colombia. She’s the cutest, tinniest little thing. Served her mission in Mesa, AZ. We have a AZ flag in our room. I need to take a pic with it. She is just super helpful and you can tell she likes the sisters because she's one! Then we have other teachers come in while we're rotating teaching our investigators and they help us with lesson plans which is great. All the teachers here are SO impressive! I just want to be able to speak Spanish like them so Ii can teach like them. But tengo pacencia y fe so it'll come!

My branch President, he was out of town that first Sunday but he came into our district meeting after the devo to meet all of us. In my head I imagined this super friendly, teddy bear type guy, but I was wrong! He is kinda stern. Definitely good for the elders, but us sisters want someone loving and kind. He is, but he is intimidating! He teaches linguistics at BYU and hates hates hates the word "Awesome" He told us not to say it EVER. He says it has no meaning, so we've been working on that. He also doesn't like sweet, cool, good...I think he just likes more expresive words. But you can tell he is a great guy. He has high expectations for us while we're here which I like because it'll be good to learn from him that way! Sounds like I don't like him, but seriously, I do! I just need to interact with him more....

Here is a good quote from him "change is inevitable, growth is optional" So good huh! We all change, everyday, but is it growth or not?? something to think about and how we can grow more.

The food here is good. Obviously it's not my favorite, but it's not bad either! Some people really don't like it. But I eat wraps/salads lots, and they usually have good stuff they make. I'm surviving. Plus with the banana bread I'm gonna be fine. ha! I am not gaining weight... after that last loaf of bread though mom I might be a gordita! haha! Just kidding, I won't let myself, I just eat how I do at home... don't eat like 3 plates of something like some people! ha!

Oh, we got another elder in my district too this past week. He moved up from beginner as well. Elder Farris. From Illinois going to Santiago North. Hermana Dapper has good spanish! She knows alot, just is kinda afraid to speak it so we're working on it! Speaking it is not my problem... it's speaking it correctly. ha! But oh well.

K, well minutes up! Let me know how Cabo was! Send PIcs! Maybe not to an email though.... these computers are temperamental and have tons of pop up blockers. Print some off maybe and send them :)

Love you ALL. Miss you, think and pray for you always!

Keep writing.

Keep smililng,

Hermana Sargent

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