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Saturday March 10, 2012


I don't even know what to say, it feeels like you guys should just know what I do all day here but you don't.

I guess to start off you're all probably wondering about my companion, verdad? Well, I don't really have one. Enserio. It's weird. I am what they call a "solo sister" What this means is no other sister was placed into the intermediate class coming in the same week I did. But it's ok! I have in-room companions and we're in the same zone and have everything at the same time but we are in different classes. So I just have to pair up with the elders in class for companionship things. It definitely is different and I have had moments when i think.... uhhhh, HELLO? why don't I have a companion, but it's ok, really. My in- room comps are great. Hermana Ahlmann (Corona California going to Argentina) and Hermana Hinton from (UT--south of Provo somewhere going to Uruguay!) Next week it'll be better too because we'll be on even more of a normal schedule, same P-day (because today we only have 3 hours of a P-day) same time to be to classes and lunches and stuff. And I think a sister I met the first day who is ADORABLE is going to move up to intermediate so she'll probably be my comp. YAY!!

It's kinda fun being a solo sister because los elderes in my districo escort me to my room and lunch and just about everywhere so I'm not alone. SO cute. They have to it's a rule, but still, they are like my older brothers protecting me.

There are only 7 people in my district...not sure if that is normal but it's great. We have

Elder Vallance from New Hampshire (going to Antofagota Chile)

Elder Estiva from CA (Santiago North Chie)

Elder Pittam from SLC (Costa Rica)

Elder Espinoza from Pennsylvania (Santiago West, Chile)

Elder Ferret from Colorado (Tuscon, AZ)

Elder Eaton from Sandy (Santa rosa, CA)

and me.

We have a good time, we have good goals as a district and it's so cool to see these 19 year old boys step up and do SO well, it's amazes me. Really, Robbie is going to be SUCH a good missionary, companion, and everything else. One goal we have as a district is to Read Alma 17-42 in the next few weeks. It's all about missionary work and we're making lists of things we find to be better missionaries. It's awesome, go read Alma 19-20. So wonderful.

So I had to get a shot this week. I guess the MTC likes a new tetanus shot every 5 years and not 10. but oh well. I put this on my card $43, want me to send home the insurance thing to see if our insurance will reimburse us for it? You guys have to do it though. Let me know in a dearelder.

The language, it's good. I feel like I am a better one in the class, but not perfect by ANY means. It's hard. Not just to talk, but we had to teach our first investigator ayer and it seriously was SO hard to do in Spanish. But it'll come and the elders I paired up with weren't talking all that much so it was definitely a learning experience. For sure! So this morning though my teacher told me to go to the advanced Spanish class and see how I do. She wants me to think about it and see if I think it's the best or staying in intermediate. So I went, it was hard for sure. Much more advanced. I think though, for me to become the best teacher I can to investigators, intermediate is best. It means I have to stay at the MTC for longer, but it's ok. I like it here. It's totally an EFY on steroids. Straight up.

I'm still gonna think about it but I think it would benefit me to learn and really get it that rushing off to Chile lost the whole time I'm with my companion!

One thing I have noticed here is my prayers are MUCH more sincere. and it's because they are in Spanish. I really have to think about what I want to say and then translate it the best that I can! It's dificil a orar en espanol but it is definitely coming! I actually really like it. I just need more vocabulary, that's all. Robbie, if you get your call to a foreign language, learn to the best you can how to pray before you come here in that language! It'll help, Melissa told me that so I tried and I am ahead of others with it!

The food...all of you want to know. It's good. I eat wraps and salads alot, because I never feel hungry here. Its' because we eat, go to class and sit, then eat, then sit, and then dinner... but we finally have gym that started yesterday so that'll make me more hungry. Yes, I love the gym. I feel right at home, and they have exercise classes the sisters can go to at 6:00am but my companions don't want to go, but I found out today, I can go solo! and some girls in my hall go so I'm gonna start doing those for sure! Keep me in shape.

Everynight my "companions" and I go around and say a Tender Mercy from the day. Makes me think of our family and "TM's".

This week I have received dear elders from Shauna, Dyan, Jac, Kenny, Robbie, G&G, Mom, got a nice email from dad he sent before I left. Meredith Cozzens and Jose Olv... (de paraguay) Shauna please write him and tell him THANKS SO MUCH. I really do appreciate it a ton, and tell Meredith.

Questions for previous missionaries:

How did you do personal and language study? I feel like it's getting better but sometimes i just need recommendations?? Switch things up a bit.

I love my Toms here, I probably have too many clothes, but oh well. I'll wear them and then send them home. ha!

Dyan---yes there have been HP refrences. Makes me SO happy.

Mom-can you send me Q's address? I forgot to write it down-it's on her blog.

Well, fam, I really love it here. It's fun, I am already progressing so much in the gospel I feel like and I love it! The language will come and is coming which is GREAT!

Only one minute left.... AHHHH!

I love you all. SO much. I think about you often, but never am too sad which is a good thing!!

Hermana Sargent

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