Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ok, so let’s see here... too little time for so much in one week, but I'll try my BEST! I just sent some pictures in the mail so be looking for those the next few days!
So, here the MTC presidencies wives are obsessed with downeast/shade shirts. Like when to wear them and when not too... so yesterday my roommates were talking about it and Hrn. Alhmann goes... "I swear, they talk more about Shade shirts here than they do about Jesus Christ!" hahahahha. We laughed SO hard. Obviously she was joking, and kinda felt bad after saying it but it was just TOO good to not share with you guys. Oh, the things that are funny at the MTC.
Mom asked me in a dear elder: What have you learned Gospelwise.... Ok, Mom, I can't answer that question fully because I think it would take me 5 hours. I've seriously LEARNED SOOOO much here. I felt like I had a decent understanding of the gospel before I came but seriously, It's amazing how everything just works. It just is true. That's all!
We've had some pretty neat experiences this week that will explain some things I've learned:
1. Last Sunday night, they played a old devo from Elder Bednar on Christmas day: He talked about the characteristics of Christ (answer to a prayer because I've been wanting to learn more about His life) and Holy COW. Seriously, probably one of the best talks I've ever listened to. They NEED to make it public. He just talked about how in every story of Christ he is ALWAYS turning himself "out" to help other people when usually we turn ourself "in" to the natural man in us. He shared so many examples I was just in heaven. It was truly amazing. It definitely got me wanting to know more about characteristics I can develop that Christ had, and not just the ones in PMG. After this I had made it part of my personal study time to read the Bible to learn more so I started that!
2. Elder Oaks was the DEVO on Tuesday. Man, it was so neat. Just the fact that he was here only to talk to the missionaries was so incredible. He talked about getting the Spirit with us ALWAYS and also preparing for the Sacrament. Both super important things. His wife also spoke a little and she reminds me of Aunt Janet, but anyways something that she said I loved was "BE BOLD, you only have one chance at THIS mission" So true, what's the harm in inviting someone to something that is just SO great. NONE. New goal...BE BOLD.
3. I made the choir for GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!! Wwhhooooooooooooo-who! So stoked. We've started practices and it's truly just amazing. The choir directors are just so good and always know so much about the songs we are singing. Real quick, we were talking about the Atonement and when Christ was in the garden He came out to his disciples 3 times for support because it was SUCH a burdensome thing. And each time they were asleep. Then he applied it to Sacrament Meeting and how so often we doze off or scratch backs or whatever it is... and how WE can't give ONE HOUR to Christ just like his disciples. Just made me think and realize that I need to be better in Sacrament Meeting and really get everything I can out of it. It's one hour in a week. I can do it. But the Choir.... how awesome is that?! We'll be singing Saturday Afternoon Session and we have practice every morning until then from 7-8 and that takes presidence over anything else scheduled. Hopefully you'll see me on TV!
Those are just a few things that stuck out to me this week.... obviously I learn SO much EVERYDAY!!
Another question of mom's "Is there anything that’s harder than you thought it would be?"
Not really, I kinda imagined it like this. Sometimes I wish I could plan my own schedule because you have either tons of time to do stuff or too little. But it's all good. Really, nothing is really HARD. Teaching is difficult at times... but mostly cause of Spanish. But Spanish is coming along nicely! I just LOVE Spanish, ah, can't wait to be fluent :)
Got a litttle package from Dyan this week! SO nice. Thanks Dee. Definitely comes in handy :)
Also, I got 12 dearelders in one day! My district was going CRAZY! Lots were from family and then a couple others from friends. Kendall Barrett wrote me: please tell her thank you and I appreciate it a ton! She is so great. Also tell her she'd make a GREAT missionary one day. Usually I get like 5 or so a day... from Mom and Shauna mostly... ha! But it's fun! I like it... my district gets jealous, but honesly, I guess you guys just love me more! hahaa
Is my mission plaque (sp?) up yet in the Church? How does it look?
Robbie..... they sell Sprees here. You will survive! I saw them in the bookstore and just chuckled to myself about it!
Oh my word.... Monday night we have class and this past week it was OUT OF CONTROL. So we were practicing something... don't even remember what, but one of the elders said something so random and everything in the MTC is hilarious so we started laughing so hard and one of the elders ripped one. It was so gross, but uncontroable laughing obviously took place. Our poor teacher. Luckily it was a guy that night. I wasn't even laughing at the fact that he ripped one, because honestly, that's gross. We all know how I feel about that, but everyone was laughing SO hard forever it made it hard not to laugh. And then our teacher later on goes on to like "talk about it" saying like, it happens. But I was thinking to myself. Come on! We don’t need to have a discussion about it. It's past now and we're all grown ups. To make it worse he was talking in Spanish. hahhahaa It may be inappropriate to share, but I had to beacuse I was laughing SO hard.
There is an elder in our zone who went home for health problems this week. He was bi-polar but still sad to see him go. And a whole district left to the field. SO exciting.
My comp is the best. I seriously love her. We just get along well. We both want to do good. I wrote a little more in a letter i just sent home mom, but all is well with her. So grateful to have a comp!
Oh my, rumor has it David Archuleta is going to Chile???! Is this true? Also, I've heard he is coming to the MTC next week... but also heard he is going straight down to South America! Anyone have details on this??
Well, time is ticking, but know I love you all SOOOO much, I love being here. I just know it is right. It feels so good and my testimony is strenghtened every day. I know God loves each one of us and He has blessed us SO much in our lives. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet. Everything revolves back to that right there! I just love the church.
Love you all, miss you lots.
Keep Smiling,

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