Thursday, March 29, 2012


I feel like I was just here emailing you like 4 hours ago. Man, these weeks are getting faster. Too much to learn, too little time! haha!
We decided to email before we go to the temple today so our day will be more organized. Gotta take advantage of P-days, right?? Seriously though. Best days ever. We can just kinda relax!!

Well, lets see... I have a big list of things to write this week (thanks to Dyans post it notes) so I'm just gonna go down the list. Sorry if it's randomly in order!
First off, my district and zone is BOMB! Last week 2 elders in my district bought everyones favorite treats and had them under our desk when we got back from P-day. SO NICE. Obviously, mine were Hot Tamales :)

And then everyday at meals the elders in our zone always take our trays for us so we don't have to go in the "gag room!"
Love them all to pieces. I just want to give them hugs but I can't!

Isn't it crazy how the lady I was teaching has a son in the Halls mission! She's so kind and fun to teach. Glad she sent the picture to the Halls and they passed it along. Small world us mormons live!
Last sunday was so random. I just felt like I had so much attention on ME! So, weekly everyone has to wrtite a 5 minute talk in Spanish and then we get to sacrament meeting and they just ask us to give our talk when we get there... so everyone has to be prepared. Last week I was supposed to say the prayer but I still wrote my talk. Good thing because they called on me to give mine. It was fine, on the Atonement which is always good to study. So I had to do that. Then in choir I was asked to say the prayer, and then at the fireside that night, Hrn. Dapper and I were just sitting there and an usher came us to us and asked if we wanted to sit in the front row, uh, DUH!! So we got moved up to the front row.... right smack in the middle. So great. Too bad it wasn't an apostle or something, but it was still wonderful.

Ok, I was reading in Matt 14 this past week and I Love this... ok so it's right after John the Baptist gets be-headed and the 12 Disciples tell Christ about it and in verse 14, go look to see what Christ does... (shows compassion to others) He is amazing! Everytime I see/read something about Him I am just amazed. Really, go read that chapter and think how you would react if your friend/family was dead... would you want to help other people. Talk about Charity?!
General Conference in THIS WEEKEND!!! Wooooo-hooo. Unfortunetly, we don't get to listen/watch the 1st session on Saturday because we'll be driving but we'll be there for the afternoon one. Singing in it!! Look for me. I will be wearing yellow. Everyone just has to wear Spring colors so I'm in yellow. I'm one of the taller girls so I'll probably be in the back. I will try my best to get on camera through smiling :) I'm so excitied for this expierence I get to have! Once in a life time, seriously. Uh, so great!

So they have these suggestion boxes and I put a suggestion in that they need to give better instructions to the "solo sisters" and this week while in choir, one of the counselors in the MTC presidency came up to me and told me that they are going to be in contact with me to meet with the presidency wives to put together a new outline of what they need to do! Pretty cool right? People were surprised I'd actually put a suggestion in the box... but it probably doesn't really surprise you guys. They just don't know me well enough to know that stuff doesn't scare me! ha! But it'll be good. I have some suggestions for them, so hopefully it'll make things more organized.
Earthquakes in Chile??? eeeeekkks. Not in Vina I hope!

Dad, yesterday at gym I convinced one of the Hemanas to play basketball with me because I just can't play with the elders solo... I wish I could. But the elders were SO impressed. ha. You would have been proud. They were like.... woah, this hermana is better than the elders! ha. So funny. Also dad... the PEDRO bracelet. Oh my, I laughed so hard. hahahahaha love it! I'm gonna find a Pedro. Just for you!
Funny moment of the week..... So we were explaining to Elder Ferrell about March Madness because he doesn't know what it was.... so we were telling him that you fill our a bracket and such you know... and how it's HUGE and everyone should watch it... and he sits there for a second and then goes "I'd rather build a rocket" We LAUGHED SO HARD. This kid straight up comes up with the best one liners. I wish I could share them all with you guys... but after my mission when I have time because I write them all down. Seriously, so funny. and then another... A teacher was sitting really close to him and his comp and after we were all talking about it and he goes "He was sitting so close I was counting the pores on his face." Seriously, who thinks of that! I LOVE IT.

Did you know Parley Pratt lived in the forest for a while just studying scriptures before he found out about the LDS church?? Crazy how things come around... and he turned into a huge person in our church.
Shauna sent me a package I got yesterday! THANK YOU. Choc. covered cinnamon bears, Jolly Ranchers, pics from Cabo (looks like you guys had SO much fun) and a cute note. Love you na, thanks a ton!  Also, thanks everyone for the letters! I love them :) yes, my district, and now zone, make fun of me still, but I don't care!

Spanish is coming along great. I love learning it. I definitely have been blessed with the gift of tongues and gift of interpretation (DC 46) It's amazing, I pray for them every day and God is answering to them.
Robbie.... MISSION PAPERS!!! WHAT????  So happy for you. :) Keep me updated on them.  And  loved the letter. I told my roommate what you said about her.... had to, sorry :)

Well, the church is true! I seriously come to find more and more things about it that just make sense! It would be crazy to deny it now after I know this all.
Jesus Christ is our Hermano. He is a perfect example to all that we should all strive to be like more and more. God hears us. Every prayer we say, he hears and he answers. He loves us. Joseph Smith... need I say more? Man, he was AMAZING.  Love learning about him.  Families are eternal. I will see you guys again and this is just a short amount of time I get to help other families be eternal.

Love you all, think of you often!
Keep Smiling,
Hermana Sargent

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