Thursday, March 29, 2012


I feel like I was just here emailing you like 4 hours ago. Man, these weeks are getting faster. Too much to learn, too little time! haha!
We decided to email before we go to the temple today so our day will be more organized. Gotta take advantage of P-days, right?? Seriously though. Best days ever. We can just kinda relax!!

Well, lets see... I have a big list of things to write this week (thanks to Dyans post it notes) so I'm just gonna go down the list. Sorry if it's randomly in order!
First off, my district and zone is BOMB! Last week 2 elders in my district bought everyones favorite treats and had them under our desk when we got back from P-day. SO NICE. Obviously, mine were Hot Tamales :)

And then everyday at meals the elders in our zone always take our trays for us so we don't have to go in the "gag room!"
Love them all to pieces. I just want to give them hugs but I can't!

Isn't it crazy how the lady I was teaching has a son in the Halls mission! She's so kind and fun to teach. Glad she sent the picture to the Halls and they passed it along. Small world us mormons live!
Last sunday was so random. I just felt like I had so much attention on ME! So, weekly everyone has to wrtite a 5 minute talk in Spanish and then we get to sacrament meeting and they just ask us to give our talk when we get there... so everyone has to be prepared. Last week I was supposed to say the prayer but I still wrote my talk. Good thing because they called on me to give mine. It was fine, on the Atonement which is always good to study. So I had to do that. Then in choir I was asked to say the prayer, and then at the fireside that night, Hrn. Dapper and I were just sitting there and an usher came us to us and asked if we wanted to sit in the front row, uh, DUH!! So we got moved up to the front row.... right smack in the middle. So great. Too bad it wasn't an apostle or something, but it was still wonderful.

Ok, I was reading in Matt 14 this past week and I Love this... ok so it's right after John the Baptist gets be-headed and the 12 Disciples tell Christ about it and in verse 14, go look to see what Christ does... (shows compassion to others) He is amazing! Everytime I see/read something about Him I am just amazed. Really, go read that chapter and think how you would react if your friend/family was dead... would you want to help other people. Talk about Charity?!
General Conference in THIS WEEKEND!!! Wooooo-hooo. Unfortunetly, we don't get to listen/watch the 1st session on Saturday because we'll be driving but we'll be there for the afternoon one. Singing in it!! Look for me. I will be wearing yellow. Everyone just has to wear Spring colors so I'm in yellow. I'm one of the taller girls so I'll probably be in the back. I will try my best to get on camera through smiling :) I'm so excitied for this expierence I get to have! Once in a life time, seriously. Uh, so great!

So they have these suggestion boxes and I put a suggestion in that they need to give better instructions to the "solo sisters" and this week while in choir, one of the counselors in the MTC presidency came up to me and told me that they are going to be in contact with me to meet with the presidency wives to put together a new outline of what they need to do! Pretty cool right? People were surprised I'd actually put a suggestion in the box... but it probably doesn't really surprise you guys. They just don't know me well enough to know that stuff doesn't scare me! ha! But it'll be good. I have some suggestions for them, so hopefully it'll make things more organized.
Earthquakes in Chile??? eeeeekkks. Not in Vina I hope!

Dad, yesterday at gym I convinced one of the Hemanas to play basketball with me because I just can't play with the elders solo... I wish I could. But the elders were SO impressed. ha. You would have been proud. They were like.... woah, this hermana is better than the elders! ha. So funny. Also dad... the PEDRO bracelet. Oh my, I laughed so hard. hahahahaha love it! I'm gonna find a Pedro. Just for you!
Funny moment of the week..... So we were explaining to Elder Ferrell about March Madness because he doesn't know what it was.... so we were telling him that you fill our a bracket and such you know... and how it's HUGE and everyone should watch it... and he sits there for a second and then goes "I'd rather build a rocket" We LAUGHED SO HARD. This kid straight up comes up with the best one liners. I wish I could share them all with you guys... but after my mission when I have time because I write them all down. Seriously, so funny. and then another... A teacher was sitting really close to him and his comp and after we were all talking about it and he goes "He was sitting so close I was counting the pores on his face." Seriously, who thinks of that! I LOVE IT.

Did you know Parley Pratt lived in the forest for a while just studying scriptures before he found out about the LDS church?? Crazy how things come around... and he turned into a huge person in our church.
Shauna sent me a package I got yesterday! THANK YOU. Choc. covered cinnamon bears, Jolly Ranchers, pics from Cabo (looks like you guys had SO much fun) and a cute note. Love you na, thanks a ton!  Also, thanks everyone for the letters! I love them :) yes, my district, and now zone, make fun of me still, but I don't care!

Spanish is coming along great. I love learning it. I definitely have been blessed with the gift of tongues and gift of interpretation (DC 46) It's amazing, I pray for them every day and God is answering to them.
Robbie.... MISSION PAPERS!!! WHAT????  So happy for you. :) Keep me updated on them.  And  loved the letter. I told my roommate what you said about her.... had to, sorry :)

Well, the church is true! I seriously come to find more and more things about it that just make sense! It would be crazy to deny it now after I know this all.
Jesus Christ is our Hermano. He is a perfect example to all that we should all strive to be like more and more. God hears us. Every prayer we say, he hears and he answers. He loves us. Joseph Smith... need I say more? Man, he was AMAZING.  Love learning about him.  Families are eternal. I will see you guys again and this is just a short amount of time I get to help other families be eternal.

Love you all, think of you often!
Keep Smiling,
Hermana Sargent

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ok, so let’s see here... too little time for so much in one week, but I'll try my BEST! I just sent some pictures in the mail so be looking for those the next few days!
So, here the MTC presidencies wives are obsessed with downeast/shade shirts. Like when to wear them and when not too... so yesterday my roommates were talking about it and Hrn. Alhmann goes... "I swear, they talk more about Shade shirts here than they do about Jesus Christ!" hahahahha. We laughed SO hard. Obviously she was joking, and kinda felt bad after saying it but it was just TOO good to not share with you guys. Oh, the things that are funny at the MTC.
Mom asked me in a dear elder: What have you learned Gospelwise.... Ok, Mom, I can't answer that question fully because I think it would take me 5 hours. I've seriously LEARNED SOOOO much here. I felt like I had a decent understanding of the gospel before I came but seriously, It's amazing how everything just works. It just is true. That's all!
We've had some pretty neat experiences this week that will explain some things I've learned:
1. Last Sunday night, they played a old devo from Elder Bednar on Christmas day: He talked about the characteristics of Christ (answer to a prayer because I've been wanting to learn more about His life) and Holy COW. Seriously, probably one of the best talks I've ever listened to. They NEED to make it public. He just talked about how in every story of Christ he is ALWAYS turning himself "out" to help other people when usually we turn ourself "in" to the natural man in us. He shared so many examples I was just in heaven. It was truly amazing. It definitely got me wanting to know more about characteristics I can develop that Christ had, and not just the ones in PMG. After this I had made it part of my personal study time to read the Bible to learn more so I started that!
2. Elder Oaks was the DEVO on Tuesday. Man, it was so neat. Just the fact that he was here only to talk to the missionaries was so incredible. He talked about getting the Spirit with us ALWAYS and also preparing for the Sacrament. Both super important things. His wife also spoke a little and she reminds me of Aunt Janet, but anyways something that she said I loved was "BE BOLD, you only have one chance at THIS mission" So true, what's the harm in inviting someone to something that is just SO great. NONE. New goal...BE BOLD.
3. I made the choir for GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!! Wwhhooooooooooooo-who! So stoked. We've started practices and it's truly just amazing. The choir directors are just so good and always know so much about the songs we are singing. Real quick, we were talking about the Atonement and when Christ was in the garden He came out to his disciples 3 times for support because it was SUCH a burdensome thing. And each time they were asleep. Then he applied it to Sacrament Meeting and how so often we doze off or scratch backs or whatever it is... and how WE can't give ONE HOUR to Christ just like his disciples. Just made me think and realize that I need to be better in Sacrament Meeting and really get everything I can out of it. It's one hour in a week. I can do it. But the Choir.... how awesome is that?! We'll be singing Saturday Afternoon Session and we have practice every morning until then from 7-8 and that takes presidence over anything else scheduled. Hopefully you'll see me on TV!
Those are just a few things that stuck out to me this week.... obviously I learn SO much EVERYDAY!!
Another question of mom's "Is there anything that’s harder than you thought it would be?"
Not really, I kinda imagined it like this. Sometimes I wish I could plan my own schedule because you have either tons of time to do stuff or too little. But it's all good. Really, nothing is really HARD. Teaching is difficult at times... but mostly cause of Spanish. But Spanish is coming along nicely! I just LOVE Spanish, ah, can't wait to be fluent :)
Got a litttle package from Dyan this week! SO nice. Thanks Dee. Definitely comes in handy :)
Also, I got 12 dearelders in one day! My district was going CRAZY! Lots were from family and then a couple others from friends. Kendall Barrett wrote me: please tell her thank you and I appreciate it a ton! She is so great. Also tell her she'd make a GREAT missionary one day. Usually I get like 5 or so a day... from Mom and Shauna mostly... ha! But it's fun! I like it... my district gets jealous, but honesly, I guess you guys just love me more! hahaa
Is my mission plaque (sp?) up yet in the Church? How does it look?
Robbie..... they sell Sprees here. You will survive! I saw them in the bookstore and just chuckled to myself about it!
Oh my word.... Monday night we have class and this past week it was OUT OF CONTROL. So we were practicing something... don't even remember what, but one of the elders said something so random and everything in the MTC is hilarious so we started laughing so hard and one of the elders ripped one. It was so gross, but uncontroable laughing obviously took place. Our poor teacher. Luckily it was a guy that night. I wasn't even laughing at the fact that he ripped one, because honestly, that's gross. We all know how I feel about that, but everyone was laughing SO hard forever it made it hard not to laugh. And then our teacher later on goes on to like "talk about it" saying like, it happens. But I was thinking to myself. Come on! We don’t need to have a discussion about it. It's past now and we're all grown ups. To make it worse he was talking in Spanish. hahhahaa It may be inappropriate to share, but I had to beacuse I was laughing SO hard.
There is an elder in our zone who went home for health problems this week. He was bi-polar but still sad to see him go. And a whole district left to the field. SO exciting.
My comp is the best. I seriously love her. We just get along well. We both want to do good. I wrote a little more in a letter i just sent home mom, but all is well with her. So grateful to have a comp!
Oh my, rumor has it David Archuleta is going to Chile???! Is this true? Also, I've heard he is coming to the MTC next week... but also heard he is going straight down to South America! Anyone have details on this??
Well, time is ticking, but know I love you all SOOOO much, I love being here. I just know it is right. It feels so good and my testimony is strenghtened every day. I know God loves each one of us and He has blessed us SO much in our lives. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet. Everything revolves back to that right there! I just love the church.
Love you all, miss you lots.
Keep Smiling,

Monday, March 19, 2012

Thursday March 15, 2012

Hello Family!

You're all probably wondering why I'm emailing now, but Thursdays are my Pdays. Saturday was just for new people. It's been SO nice for a break from the norm. We went to the temple this morning (and by we, I mean my new comp) and then I've spent a lot of the afternoon with letters, laundry, doing random things! I want to send you guys pictures, but they are taking forever to get back to me so bare with me! Once I get them I will send them!

Ok, first off...MOM! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE PACKAGE! Seriously, so thoughtful to send one before you left for Cabo! What? 3 loaves of Banana Bread. My district loved you!! I still have a loaf for me in my room I will nibble at over the days. They all told me.... "your mom is the best, tell her thank you" (duh she's the best)

Ok. I have gotten so many letters this week my district has started to call me "Hermana Popular" when I get them... haha! But don't stop them I love hearing all about what you're up to! Sound like you guys are enjoying Cabo so much, honestly, I thought I would be jealous all the time when you were there and I was here... but I haven't been at all. So happy you guys could go and enjoy the week. Plus, the weather here has been AMAZING so I can't complain. Shauna, will you dear elder me the weekly forecast of Provo over the weeks. No joke, I like knowing the weather to know what to wear??? Thanks.

Ok, so my new companion. I got one! Yay, and I decided to stay in the intermediate class, I just felt better about it and it's honestly great! We've been teaching a lot more so that stretches my vocab big time! It's not perfect by anymeans, but it's great. My companion: Hermana Dapper. (like draper without the r) She is from Southern Cal Mission Viejo area. She reminds me lots of Meredith Wiscombe with style, personality, so it's no wonder we get along great!! It's seriously so fun to have a companion, I feel more free than I did before just having the elders take me everywhere! And she goes to the morning workout classes so it gives me motivation to go with her! They are awesome. I love them. Makes me so much more energized since we sit a lot here. She's going to Dallas TX, Spanish!

Funny story: Last week, one day after gym, my roommates and I were showering real quick and we ALL got locked out of our rooms. It was really funny because we just had wet hair and all, one was just in her towel, luckily though, another girl in our zone went down and got another key so we could get ready. It's pretty good. Very humorous.

Ok, the elders in my zone are AWESOME! I love them all. Seriously. There are like 2 of them who always "salute" me when I walk by! It just makes me laugh. And, the elders in our zone have started taking our trays after meals so I don't have to go into the nasty gag room. That room is like smelling, hot, and my least favorite word.... moist. EWWWWWWWWWW.

So, I have met two elders that served with Shauna in Paraguay. One stopped me and we were talking, I think it was Evans?? Not sure. But then yesterday this random person stuck his head into my room and looked right at me so I was like "hi" and he was like, Yup, looks just like Hermana Sargent (Shauna) it was funny. I forgot his name though. I'll try to find him and talk to him more. They probably are like, Why is Hermana Sargent back here... 2 missions?? hahahaa

Last Sunday was SO great. Ah, so we have normal meetings in the morning, Relief Society was awesome, we were challenged to work on a one sentecne testimony. Something that you will never falter in. I'm still trying to pick what’s best for me because there are SO many things. But sometimes you only have 30 seconds to share something, so we were challenged to do that. You should all do the same.

Then we had a temple walk. SO nice outside. Way great to be "in the real world" ha. Then I went to Choir that night and they handed out these slips for a "special choir" and you had to write your experience with choirs, awards received, voice lessons ect. Of course I filled one out,.... it has to be conference, don't you think??? I'll keep you updated. I hope I get chosen. I feel like I have a pretty good background in music so I think I have a good chance! I'm hoping if it is conference we get to eat lunch with the Apostles and stuff...long shot. But come on! When does my mind not dream up stuff??

When is Easter???

Ok, questions about my teacher, She is awesome! Hermana Santa Cruz and she's from Colombia. She’s the cutest, tinniest little thing. Served her mission in Mesa, AZ. We have a AZ flag in our room. I need to take a pic with it. She is just super helpful and you can tell she likes the sisters because she's one! Then we have other teachers come in while we're rotating teaching our investigators and they help us with lesson plans which is great. All the teachers here are SO impressive! I just want to be able to speak Spanish like them so Ii can teach like them. But tengo pacencia y fe so it'll come!

My branch President, he was out of town that first Sunday but he came into our district meeting after the devo to meet all of us. In my head I imagined this super friendly, teddy bear type guy, but I was wrong! He is kinda stern. Definitely good for the elders, but us sisters want someone loving and kind. He is, but he is intimidating! He teaches linguistics at BYU and hates hates hates the word "Awesome" He told us not to say it EVER. He says it has no meaning, so we've been working on that. He also doesn't like sweet, cool, good...I think he just likes more expresive words. But you can tell he is a great guy. He has high expectations for us while we're here which I like because it'll be good to learn from him that way! Sounds like I don't like him, but seriously, I do! I just need to interact with him more....

Here is a good quote from him "change is inevitable, growth is optional" So good huh! We all change, everyday, but is it growth or not?? something to think about and how we can grow more.

The food here is good. Obviously it's not my favorite, but it's not bad either! Some people really don't like it. But I eat wraps/salads lots, and they usually have good stuff they make. I'm surviving. Plus with the banana bread I'm gonna be fine. ha! I am not gaining weight... after that last loaf of bread though mom I might be a gordita! haha! Just kidding, I won't let myself, I just eat how I do at home... don't eat like 3 plates of something like some people! ha!

Oh, we got another elder in my district too this past week. He moved up from beginner as well. Elder Farris. From Illinois going to Santiago North. Hermana Dapper has good spanish! She knows alot, just is kinda afraid to speak it so we're working on it! Speaking it is not my problem... it's speaking it correctly. ha! But oh well.

K, well minutes up! Let me know how Cabo was! Send PIcs! Maybe not to an email though.... these computers are temperamental and have tons of pop up blockers. Print some off maybe and send them :)

Love you ALL. Miss you, think and pray for you always!

Keep writing.

Keep smililng,

Hermana Sargent
Saturday March 10, 2012


I don't even know what to say, it feeels like you guys should just know what I do all day here but you don't.

I guess to start off you're all probably wondering about my companion, verdad? Well, I don't really have one. Enserio. It's weird. I am what they call a "solo sister" What this means is no other sister was placed into the intermediate class coming in the same week I did. But it's ok! I have in-room companions and we're in the same zone and have everything at the same time but we are in different classes. So I just have to pair up with the elders in class for companionship things. It definitely is different and I have had moments when i think.... uhhhh, HELLO? why don't I have a companion, but it's ok, really. My in- room comps are great. Hermana Ahlmann (Corona California going to Argentina) and Hermana Hinton from (UT--south of Provo somewhere going to Uruguay!) Next week it'll be better too because we'll be on even more of a normal schedule, same P-day (because today we only have 3 hours of a P-day) same time to be to classes and lunches and stuff. And I think a sister I met the first day who is ADORABLE is going to move up to intermediate so she'll probably be my comp. YAY!!

It's kinda fun being a solo sister because los elderes in my districo escort me to my room and lunch and just about everywhere so I'm not alone. SO cute. They have to it's a rule, but still, they are like my older brothers protecting me.

There are only 7 people in my district...not sure if that is normal but it's great. We have

Elder Vallance from New Hampshire (going to Antofagota Chile)

Elder Estiva from CA (Santiago North Chie)

Elder Pittam from SLC (Costa Rica)

Elder Espinoza from Pennsylvania (Santiago West, Chile)

Elder Ferret from Colorado (Tuscon, AZ)

Elder Eaton from Sandy (Santa rosa, CA)

and me.

We have a good time, we have good goals as a district and it's so cool to see these 19 year old boys step up and do SO well, it's amazes me. Really, Robbie is going to be SUCH a good missionary, companion, and everything else. One goal we have as a district is to Read Alma 17-42 in the next few weeks. It's all about missionary work and we're making lists of things we find to be better missionaries. It's awesome, go read Alma 19-20. So wonderful.

So I had to get a shot this week. I guess the MTC likes a new tetanus shot every 5 years and not 10. but oh well. I put this on my card $43, want me to send home the insurance thing to see if our insurance will reimburse us for it? You guys have to do it though. Let me know in a dearelder.

The language, it's good. I feel like I am a better one in the class, but not perfect by ANY means. It's hard. Not just to talk, but we had to teach our first investigator ayer and it seriously was SO hard to do in Spanish. But it'll come and the elders I paired up with weren't talking all that much so it was definitely a learning experience. For sure! So this morning though my teacher told me to go to the advanced Spanish class and see how I do. She wants me to think about it and see if I think it's the best or staying in intermediate. So I went, it was hard for sure. Much more advanced. I think though, for me to become the best teacher I can to investigators, intermediate is best. It means I have to stay at the MTC for longer, but it's ok. I like it here. It's totally an EFY on steroids. Straight up.

I'm still gonna think about it but I think it would benefit me to learn and really get it that rushing off to Chile lost the whole time I'm with my companion!

One thing I have noticed here is my prayers are MUCH more sincere. and it's because they are in Spanish. I really have to think about what I want to say and then translate it the best that I can! It's dificil a orar en espanol but it is definitely coming! I actually really like it. I just need more vocabulary, that's all. Robbie, if you get your call to a foreign language, learn to the best you can how to pray before you come here in that language! It'll help, Melissa told me that so I tried and I am ahead of others with it!

The food...all of you want to know. It's good. I eat wraps and salads alot, because I never feel hungry here. Its' because we eat, go to class and sit, then eat, then sit, and then dinner... but we finally have gym that started yesterday so that'll make me more hungry. Yes, I love the gym. I feel right at home, and they have exercise classes the sisters can go to at 6:00am but my companions don't want to go, but I found out today, I can go solo! and some girls in my hall go so I'm gonna start doing those for sure! Keep me in shape.

Everynight my "companions" and I go around and say a Tender Mercy from the day. Makes me think of our family and "TM's".

This week I have received dear elders from Shauna, Dyan, Jac, Kenny, Robbie, G&G, Mom, got a nice email from dad he sent before I left. Meredith Cozzens and Jose Olv... (de paraguay) Shauna please write him and tell him THANKS SO MUCH. I really do appreciate it a ton, and tell Meredith.

Questions for previous missionaries:

How did you do personal and language study? I feel like it's getting better but sometimes i just need recommendations?? Switch things up a bit.

I love my Toms here, I probably have too many clothes, but oh well. I'll wear them and then send them home. ha!

Dyan---yes there have been HP refrences. Makes me SO happy.

Mom-can you send me Q's address? I forgot to write it down-it's on her blog.

Well, fam, I really love it here. It's fun, I am already progressing so much in the gospel I feel like and I love it! The language will come and is coming which is GREAT!

Only one minute left.... AHHHH!

I love you all. SO much. I think about you often, but never am too sad which is a good thing!!

Hermana Sargent

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

 Hermana Sargent flew into Utah today to report to the MTC!

One last sisters lunch at Zupas before saying goodbye

Just across the street from the MTC

Cars full of new missionaries waiting to enter the drop-off area

 Greeted by friendly Elders who helped with her luggage

...And she's off! She was all smiles, excited and ready to go! 
Good luck, Hermana Sargent!!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

My new mission president starting in June!

Federico Maximiliano Kahnlein, 42, and Sabrina Tundidor Kahnlein, four children, Escobar Ward, Buenos Aires Argentina Escobar Stake. Brother Kahnlein is a counselor in a stake presidency and is a former stake executive secretary, high councilor, stake Young Men president, counselor in a stake presidency, elders quorum president, family history consultant, Young Men president, counselor in a bishopric and missionary in the Arizona Tempe Mission. Area meetinghouse facilities department manager of the South America South Area, Corporation of the Presiding Bishop. Born in San Isidro, Buenos Aires, Argentina, to Werner Carlos Enrique Kahnlein and Noelí Herbon.

Sister Kahnlein serves as a Primary teacher and is a former stake missionary, Relief Society president and counselor, Young Women president, counselor in a Primary presidency, gospel principles teacher and missionary in the Argentina Neuquen Mission. Born in La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina, to Federico Alejandro Tundidor and Cristina Tizzano.

Seriously, Can it be more perfect? 
Whose mission president served their mission where they grew up? 
oh, yup, just me. 
I cannot be more excited about this!! 

Viva Viña!